Damien Hardwick
Damien Hardwick

Paul Roos labelled Richmond's finish to the after-the-siren defeat to Gold Coast as 'the worst 50 seconds in the history of the AFL' and coach Damien Hardwick agrees.

Richmond had led by 10 points with less than a minute remaining before Jarrod Harbrow and Karmichael Hunt kicked goals in the final 30 seconds to claim a memorable victory in Cairns on Saturday night.

In wake of the loss, Roos appeared on Fox Footy's 'On the Couch' and was left in shock by the Tigers' performance during the final moments.

And Hardwick, who took responsibility for his team's performance, could not disagree with the premiership coach's assessment.

"You can relate 50 seconds to any period of play," he told on reporters on Tuesday.

"There were some errors that we made through fumbles and just not being clean at certain levels of the game that certainly contributed to that.

"And it's probably a fair call.

"When we are 10 points up with 33 seconds to go, you would honestly assume that we would win the game and it didn't happen."

Hardwick said several errors in the last 30 seconds cost his side but preferred his team suffered those harsh lessons now than during a finals campaign.

"We drop a chest mark that obviously didn't help matters," he said. "But then with the centre bounce, we just couldn't get the correct setup.

"The guys knew the setup but just failed to adhere to it and we went through that, it's a harsh lesson learnt.

"AFL industry these days is a matter of making correct decisions all the time and we didn't make that.

"We would rather learn it now, rather in a preliminary final whenever that may be."

Star midfielder Trent Cotchin sat on the bench at the final centre bounce after he took himself off but a lack of communication failed to see him reappear during a crucial stage of the match.

"It happens throughout periods of the game but the fact is we only had one player on the bench," Hardwick said.

"We just couldn't get him back on the ground and that was another breakdown in communication.

"Obviously there was a goal scored and expect two or three players to come to the bench at any time.

"But because we had only one player on the bench, most players were getting turned back so it was another lesson and we've got to get better in that situation."

On Monday, chief executive Brendon Gale announced Richmond would not be looking to stage home games interstate following their improved financial position.

And despite losing both games played in Cairns, Hardwick said the agreement in 2010 to sign a three-year deal worth $1.5 million was a 'sound economical decision' to get the Tigers moving forward, given their financial state at the time.


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