The bye this weekend is a good chance for us to take stock of our season at the halfway point.

I wouldn't give us more than a C-, which is disappointing, but consistency is key at NRL level and we haven't been able to keep things up for 80 minutes, week-to-week.

We knew heading into this year consistency would be one of our biggest hurdles due to the age and limited experience of our squad. We have been working hard on it, but things take time.

More than anything I think it's a mental thing with the Roosters this year.

We're as fit and strong as anyone in the competition, but can get left behind at times due to lack of concentration and composure under pressure.


This week we saw Michael Ennis and our captain, Braith Anasta, come under a bit of fire for their interaction with the NRL officials.

I think the introduction of referee microphones has been good for the fans, but not necessarily good for the players.

On occasion things are said on the football field that you wouldn't want repeated in front of children, but the players aren't thinking about that when they're out there busting a gut under enormous pressure.

Frustration sometimes boils over and I think the easy fix would be to turn down the microphones when it becomes obvious discussions are getting heated.


The lighter schedule this week has enabled me to throw more time and energy into my other love, Mini Fit.

A couple of years ago I started a project with Brett Martin, a good friend of mine, in an effort to increase the exercise participation rate in primary schools and promote healthy living.

Back then I didn't know how it would be received, but things have gone really well and I have loved every minute of it.

This term we are busy working with Bourke Street Primary School in Surry Hills, which has 150 students aged 4-12 from a variety of different cultures.

Our lessons so far have focused on the keys to good health, nutrition and the importance of physical activity, emphasising the need to make exercise fun and not a chore.

Out in the playground we set up obstacle courses, relay races and all sorts of ball games, but rugby league (or touch footy) is always the one that always generates the most excitement.

Post-career work is not something that a lot of players like to think about, but Mini Fit is something I am already looking forward to throwing all of my energy into.

It gives me enormous satisfaction seeing all of the kids being active and enjoying themselves outdoors, especially with all of the other distractions they have these days with computers, video games and mobile phones.

Enjoy your weekend.

Cheers, Mini


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