1: One so-called feud fizzled out while another one surprisingly flared up over very little. The Des Hasler v the World (or at least the northern beaches of Sydney) war never really eventuated on Friday night. While the Sea Eagles got the money in a tough and absorbing contest over Dessie's Dogs, Manly refused to rub it in and Hasler graciously accepted defeat. Not so dignified was Ricky Stuart's shot across Tim Sheens' bow. The Blues boss took exception to Sheens' suggestion he stick with a line-up rather than chopping and changing each year. Why he bothered replying is a question in itself. Surely attempting to plot Queensland's downfall should be taking up every waking minute.

2: Cronulla's bubble isn't about to burst. Those waiting for the Sharks to fall into a hole as they have done so often over their 45-year history may be disappointed. Sunday's win over Canberra made it six in a row and there's nothing to suggest the wheels will loosen and fall off anytime soon. They will no doubt go through a lean patch, probably when Carney and Gallen are on Origin duty, but expect them to be there at the serious end of the season.

3: Parramatta have more problems that we ever imagined. Don't let the late flurry of points against the Tigers fool you. The Eels are seriously on the skids with more drama than a full season of Home and Away. Coach Kearney is wrestling with Sandow's loss of form, Hayne's indifferent displays, Ben Roberts' confidence crisis, the pensioning off of Nathan Hindmarsh, calls for the coach's sacking and, most ridiculous of all, accusations he is trying to turn the club into a place for brown-skinned players only. What the..? How Kearney must wish some days that he was back in the tranquil waters of Melbourne Storm as Craig Bellamy's assistant.

4: Anthony Griffin still wouldn't be recognised in a police line-up but those who matter sure know his worth. The understated Brisbane coach has done a marvellous job since taking the reins in less than ideal circumstances early last season. The sign of a good coach is one who can introduce new players to the team due to injury and suspension and still not miss a beat. The Broncos were supposed to suffer in the post-Lockyer era but show little indication of faltering. Griffin has now been in charge for 35 games and the Broncos have won 27 of them. That says it all.

5: Changing teams' jerseys each second week is disenfranchising fans. Each round seems to have some sort of promotion or theme attached to it. This week it was Anzac Day commemorations. While we are reluctant to criticise anything that honours those who have served the country, did we really need to have Manly and Canberra trot out in camouflage gear? Their jumpers were so far removed from their traditional strips as to be unrecognisable. Thank God Canberra didn't play Manly. It would have look like a scene out of Desert Storm.


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