’90s kids, get excited: ‘Doug’ is coming back

Millennials around the world are rejoicing. Our beloved friend Doug Funnie is coming back to our screens. And even though we’ve all grown up, so has Doug and all his friends and frenemies—Skeeter, Roger, Beebe, and of course Patti Mayonnaise.

The original favorite was on the air for seven years—with four of those years on Nickelodeon and the last three on Disney—and creator Jim Jinkins longs to continue to tell the stories of these beloved characters, according to an interview with Tenn Buick on YouTube.

This time though, Doug is 33, married to his longtime crush Patti, and they have two kids named Yancy and Doug Jr., and it will potentially be called Doug Kids, according to The Disinsider.

The concept and show is still in early development per the website, so we may be waiting a while. But it will totally be worth the wait.

In the ‘90s, “Doug” always came on Nickelodeon right before the other Millennial favorite, “Rugrats” (which you can watch on Netflix, y’all). I distinctly remember always starting dinner with “Doug” and finishing up our meal with an after-dinner treat while watching “Rugrats”.

But our family loved “Doug” more, of course. Who wouldn’t love the premise of “Doug”, where an early adolescent kid writes in his journal about life in Bluffington, his new hometown, and all the hijinks that entails? And of course all of the amazing places his imagination allowed him to go in the series. Remember Quail Man?

The ‘90s hit also focused on topics most young adolescents deal with—bullying, trying to fit in, first crushes, self-esteem, friendships and first band obsessions, like The Beets and their strangely catchy hit, “Killer Tofu.”

Aw-wee-oo, Killer Tofu, Eee-aw-wee lee-oo, Killer Tofu!!!!

And now that will be in your head the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

So be sure to be on the lookout for Doug Funnie’s new show, and in the meantime, Don’t eat t-t-t-t-t-too much fried food!