“90 Day Fiancé”'s Ashley Braces for a Hurricane-Riddled Wedding Day: 'Divine Timing'

Rain or shine, Ashley and Manuel are on day 89 of their K-1 visa... meaning there are only 24 hours until his 90 days in America are up

<p>TLC</p> Ashley contemplates her wedding day weather.


Ashley contemplates her wedding day weather.

This week on 90 Day Fiancé, Ashley and Manuel’s happily ever after was on the other side of a giant storm.

As the couple prepared to walk down the aisle, their Florida wedding plans were upended by a tropical storm. One day before the wedding, Ashley received some concerning news about the safety of her guests.

A voicemail from their wedding planner, Armando, set things into perspective. “Looking at the climate, it looks like we’re gonna have tropical storms,” he said. “You have to understand when you’re on the beach, you’re possibly putting your people in a really serious situation.”

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That was enough to start Ashley’s spiral. “Hearing the word 'storm' is making me hyperventilate,” she told cameras. “I’m not a Floridian, okay? I did not take into account hurricane season when I chose the wedding date… at all.”

“This is my dream wedding, and I can’t even think of bad weather running it,” she continued. “What happens if it rains? Or even worse, if there’s a hurricane? I’m gonna die.”

<p>TLC</p> Ashley and her sister discuss the possible hurricane that could ruin her wedding plans.


Ashley and her sister discuss the possible hurricane that could ruin her wedding plans.

Ashley spent the rest of the day debriefing on the possibility of a cloudy (or worse) wedding with her sister. Tapping into her witchcraft, Ashley saw the potential severe weather as a possible, fated event.

“I intentionally wanted to marry Manuel as close to the full moon in Pisces as I could, and we’ve got this full moon hitting right on day 89," she said. "All of this is happening in divine timing.”

That being said, Ashley didn't have a backup plan, should weather ruin their chance to wed oceanside. “I chose the date, but the rest I thought was being handled by my wedding planner, so I don’t have a plan B,” she said, confirming, “Postponing isn’t an option.”

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There’s two reasons for that: first, Ashley and Manuel planned a destination wedding, and don’t want to make anyone waste a flight. Also, they cut it close to their K-1 Visa expiration date, and plan to tie the knot just one day before Manuel’s visa expires.

“After those 90 days, if you don’t get married, they get the boot,” she said.

As the episode concluded, Ashley wasn’t going to change her plan for anyone — even any encroaching hurricane. “I have been waiting to marry him for so long. It’s happening. We’re getting married on the beach. That’s the vision. That’s what’s happening. That’s what we’re doing. At 5:30 p.m. There is no other option,” she told her sister.

If that’s not how things go, Ashley said, “My world will implode on itself.”

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