9 Valentine's Day outfits we're copying this year (for every kind of plan)

woman wearing a pink skirt and jumper
9 Valentine's Day outfits we're loving right nowReformation

Finding the perfect Valentine's outfit is one of those wardrobe dilemmas that only crops up once a year (obvs), yet somehow always has us at a loss for what to wear.

You'd think that, by now, we'd have the whole thing down pat, but alas. Perhaps it's because plans can vary year to year (sometimes with your relationship status), making the outfit brief far from straightforward. Or perhaps it's because our style can fluctuate a whole lot in 12 months. Maybe it's both.

Either way, this year, we've decided that things are going to be different and have searched the web far and wide for outfit ideas that would work for a whole host of Valentine's Day plans. From Galentine's drinks at a cool bar in town and a cute dinner with an S.O. to watching a movie at the cinema with the besties and a well-deserved spa date for one - we've found something special to suit 'em all.

Like the sound of that? We thought you might. Scroll on to see a slew of stylish outfits you can copy and paste this Valentine's Day so that we can all spend less time standing in front of our cupboards wearing just a towel, waiting for the right clothes to 'jump out at us' and more time enjoying ourselves.

Oh, and if home is your location of choice this year, we've got edits of the best sexy pyjamas and the best Valentine's Day lingerie sets to spice things up.

1. Dinner date

woman wearing a red dress with floral applique
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Been looking for an excuse to dress up? We get it. Sometimes, a look is sooo incredible you have no choice but to design your night around it rather than the other way around. We'd suggest picking the latest hotspot for a cosy candlelit dinner for two and taking your dress of dreams along with you. It won't hurt that a romantic atmosphere and delicious food are pretty much a given, too.

2. Cinema

woman wearing a pleated skirt and leather jacket
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What better way to spend Valentine's Day than with a huge box of popcorn in one hand and a bag of Malteasers in the other as you kick back and watch a fab movie? Answer: none (IOO, anyway). As you'll be sitting down for most of the eve, you might wanna steer away from restrictive waistbands, opting instead for a comfy elasticated skirt. Throw an oversized leather jacket over the top, and you have style and temperamental cinema temps sorted.

3. Gallery exhibition

woman wearing a tulle skirt and jumper
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An afternoon spent wandering around a museum or art gallery is food for the soul and a fun way to soak up a bit of culture with your valentine. To get those creative juices flowing, we say whip out an assortment of materials and prints you've been dying to wear and throw them all together, adding something simple like a white shirt to balance it all out. Now, if that isn't some form of art in itself, we don't know what is.

4. Wine bar

woman wearing a shirt dress and blazer
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A wine bar is a good place to go if you've only just started dating someone. In most cases, you'll actually be able to have a conversation without competing with the sound system and getting to know each other will be made that bit more enjoyable with a steady stream of snacks and vino on hand. You'll also be able to kick things up a notch when it comes to your attire, adding some bold jewellery, the hint of leg through sheer tights or all of the above.

5. Galentine's drinks

woman wearing a blue ruffled dress and jeans
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There's no denying it: dresses over jeans have slowly been sneaking their way back into our lives, and while we're not one hundred percent sure how we feel about it, we will admit that the right combo can look hella cute and provide that hint of nostalgia for days gone by. Wear yours to celebrate your besties with a Valentine's Day cocktail or two, and if you just so happen to end up at a club, you'll have the option to ditch the trousers for more freedom on the dancefloor.

6. Pamper day

woman wearing a faux fur coat and uggs
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Self-care is a seriously good way to spend Valentine's Day. We're talking manicures, massages, facials - the lot. Why not dedicate the day to ticking off those beauty bits that you normally struggle to make time for? As for what to wear, we'd opt for the softest winter coat over a cute tee and some relaxed trousers and finish it all off with a pair of UGGS to really nail the cosy factor or some oh-so-in ballet flats because, well, they're in.

7. Pub with friends

woman wearing double denim
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If you've got a low-key night at the pub planned, you might be contemplating how to add that little somethin' extra to your regular go-to pub 'fit. And sure, you might not want to do anything wild like sport a bold red lip or a mini dress and heels, but adding a fun accessory like a colourful scrunchie and a matching pair of socks that may or may not be seen or statement earrings might be the answer.

8. Shopping trip

woman wearing a white skirt and grey blazer
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If, like us, shopping is one of your favourite ways to spend a day, a little browsing/buying session might be your ultimate choice for celebrating an occasion all about love (yes, that includes a passion for clothing). For this, you know you're going to want comfortable flats (fashion trainers, we're looking at you), and a voluminous skirt will make wriggling in and out of other bottoms a breeze. Throw a sexy sheer shirt on under your blazer, and you'll be ready for any evening plans that crop up, too.

9. V-Day party

woman wearing a heart adorned knit matching set
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Those who don't fancy leaving their encounter with the dancefloor to chance will want to get involved with one of the many Valentine's specific fiestas of the night. That way, you'll definitely be getting your groove on come the 14th. It also means the online shelves are your oyster, and you can go as over the top or as heart-indifferent as you see fit. From sequin mini skirts and baby tees to lace numbers that leave little to the imagination and knee-high boots, it's all possible. Enjoy!

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