7th Tackle Awards: Poorest timing

Winner: SCG

It’s on once a year. Everyone knows when. Everyone knows how it should be handled. Dragons v Rabbitohs at the SCG. The significance is obvious.

So why the hell was the game, which would have easily attracted 30,000 in the correct time slot, shunted to 6pm on a Friday night?

The 360-degree panorama of empty green seats was so laughable even Sheffield Shield regulars were seen scoffing.


Even more laughable was the announced crowd figure of 12,000. In our opinion, this was the single biggest shame of 2017. It symbolised the disease of alienation that’s eating away at the game like a deadly cancer.

Honourable mention: Nobody

Because this category had such a clear winner, we decided it would be wrong to finger anyone else for poor timing (like Josh Dugan).

Just a few empty seats. Pic: Getty