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7 winter closet essentials everyone should have in their wardrobe this season

7 winter closet essentials everyone should have in their wardrobe this season

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Winter dressing is more than a fashion statement — it’s a way to beat the chill and feel warm all season long. If your closet isn’t quite ready for winter, now’s the perfect time to start shopping. Retailers have officially launched their winter selections, so you can find everything you need to look and feel good this season. From cozy knits to warm layers, there are a few staple styles we all turn to for winter. Here is our definitive list of the winter closet essentials from Nordstrom that everyone needs this season.

1. Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are a must-have for keeping warm and looking good with minimal effort. The best sweater dresses are those with versatile styles in neutral colorways that you can wear to everything from holiday parties to a day in the office. The right sweater dress will be your go-to all season long.

Grab this cute sweater dress in black or brown.

$58 at Nordstrom

Cable knit is a huge trend this season, and this sweater dress is a great take on the trend.

$79 at Nordstrom

Everyone needs a winter white dress in their closet for the season.

$69 at Nordstrom

2. Fleece Tights/Leggings

Winter dressing is all about staying warm — which is exactly what fleece-lined leggings are for. They might come at a higher price tag than most workout leggings, but they’re a purchase you won’t regret. You can wear fleece leggings as loungewear or under jeans, dresses or skirts for an extra layer of warmth.

Pair your favorite skirts and dresses with these fleece-lined tights on frigid winter days.

$58 at Nordstrom

Black fleece-lined leggings are an absolute winter must-have.

$68 at Nordstrom

Stay comfy and warm all winter long in these fleece-lined leggings.

$115 at Nordstrom

3. Slouchy Pullover Sweater

If you only buy one new sweater this season, make sure it’s one with a slouchy fit. This type of sweater is perfect for layering or styling solo, so you can get endless wear out of your winter favorite.

This versatile sweater is available in more than 20 colors.

$52 at Nordstrom

This cozy sweater will look good with jeans, leggings and skirts.

$44 at Nordstrom

Take a break from blacks and grays and add this pretty blue sweater to your winter wardrobe.

$60 at Nordstrom

4. Layering Cardigan

We all know that cardigans are great for layering. For winter, pick one with an oversized fit that you can wear over multiple layers for extra warmth. The best cardigans are the ones with shawl-like fits or hoods to keep you feeling extra cozy.

Madewell cardigans are notoriously soft and cozy, and this one is no exception.

$68 at Nordstrom

This buttery soft cardigan is perfect for lounging.

$75 at Nordstrom

This long cardigan will look great over a dress or with trousers and a fitted top.

$53 at Nordstrom

5. Black Ankle Boots

You can’t go wrong with black booties — they literally go with anything and everything. The best styles for winter are durable and waterproof, so you can wear them with ease, even when it’s snowing or wet outside.

You can never go wrong with black leather ankle boots.

$70 at Nordstrom

Yes, these sleek black booties really are waterproof!

$130 at Nordstrom

These pointed toe black booties are perfect for going out with friends or a date night.

$58 at Nordstrom

6. Cozy Scarf

We all know how essential scarves are in the winter, so it’s important to pick one that you know will keep you comfy. Look for fleece fabrics, blanket styles or soft, chunky knits when picking a scarf for one that will insulate you all season long.

Cold winter days are no match for this cozy scarf.

$48 at Nordstrom

This pretty plaid pick will look good with all your winter coats.

$29 at Nordstrom

Buy this soft UGG scarf in black or caramel brown.

$68 at Nordstrom

7. Puffer Coat

There are a ton of new coat trends we’re seeing this winter, but the one essential you need every year is a puffer jacket. They’re designed for warmth and comfort, so you know you can’t go wrong with one of these versatile styles.

You know when you buy something from The North Face it's going to be extra warm.

$200 at Nordstrom

Your winter wardrobe isn't complete without a black puffer coat. This one is warm and stylish.

$199 at Nordstrom

Grab this green puffer coat while it's more than 30% off for a limited time only.

$150 at Nordstrom

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