5 cool and inexpensive DIY birthday party games that you can make at home

For kids, birthday parties are serious business, and while you want to maximize the fun, you don’t want to max out your credit limit. Not to worry, because with a bit of creativity and supplies, you can give your child the magical party of their dreams without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to make your little one’s birthday party one to remember, without blowing your budget, here are 5 DIY birthday party games that you can throw together with things you may already have around the house!

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1. DIY Life-Size Pac-Man Game

Make opening birthday presents even more fun with this giant DIY game of Pac-Man! Bring the vintage game to life by lining up rows of yellow circle cutouts throughout your house. Then, wrap your child’s birthday presents in black paper and decorate them with a giant cherry graphic before interspersing them throughout the pathway of yellow dots.

2. DIY Giant Outdoor Jenga 

If woodworking is your jam, why not double the fun of Jenga by doubling its size? Start by sawing 2×3-foot wooden boards into eighteen 7.5-inch pieces. Then, sand and dust each block before finally stacking them on top of each other in groups of three.

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3. DIY Life-Size Candy Land

Turn your backyard into a board game with this homemade life-sized game of Candy Land. This rendition features a winding trail of colorful squares spray-painted onto the lawn. Cardboard cutouts of various Candy Land characters are peppered throughout the technicolor passageway, leading players to a fun surprise.

4. DIY Life-Size Super Mario Obstacle Course

Make your Super Mario super fan jump for joy on their birthday with a DIY Mario-themed obstacle course. The filmer transformed their entire house into a life-sized version of the classic video game using shipping materials in addition to other household objects and toys. Kids can bounce from cardboard brick to cardboard brick and punch mystery boxes with coins or other small surprises. Additionally, giant cutouts of Piranha Plants scattered throughout the obstacle course heighten the adventure.

5. DIY Balloon Darts

This birthday rendition of the classic carnival game is super inexpensive and easy to make. Start by poking holes into a large foam poster board. Next, blow up water balloons with small prizes or confetti inside and stick the bottoms into the poster board. Then, gently pull it into place from the other side. During the party, kids can wear a blindfold and throw darts at the balloons to win prizes.

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