At 43, Gisele Bündchen Poses Topless Showing Off Toned Abs in Steamy Pic

At 43, Gisele Bündchen Poses Topless Showing Off Toned Abs in Steamy Pic
  • Gisele Bündchen poses topless in a new Frame denim campaign.

  • “There can be no greater living icon in our campaign than Gisele,” brand leadership said in a statement.

  • Fans loved the powerful photos.

Following in the footsteps of the original denim model Brooke Shields, Gisele Bündchen poses topless in wide-legged jeans as the face of Frame Denim’s latest campaign. According to InStyle, the Brazilian model is headlining the brand’s Winter 2023 collection to mark the luxury label’s surpassing of a decade in business.

In the campaign’s focal black-and-white shot, Bündchen takes a powerful stance in bellbottom pants, her arms crossed strategically over her chest (showing off her toned abs!) in a self-hug. The 43-year-old’s iconic tousled waves frame her face, and her ultra-cool smize is as captivating as ever. Frame leadership was over the moon to have pinned Bündchen as their cover girl for this monumental milestone.

“This is not just a new decade for FRAME, it is a new era,” Erik Torstensson, co-founder of Frame, said in a statement, per InStyle. “There can be no greater living icon in our campaign than Gisele. She is more than a model; she is an entrepreneur, a mother, and an environmentally-focused individual, who embodies wellness and thoughtfulness with an incredible work ethic and effortless style.”

Fans were just as thrilled to see Bündchen doing what she does best. “How does she get prettier with age?!” one person commented on the brand’s Instagram. “Omg 😍 iconic Gisele,” another added. “Best model ever 👑👑👑,” someone else wrote.

In a video from the campaign, Bündchen lays on her side with her head propped in one hand, the other arm covering her chest. As the camera zooms in on her confident smolder, a narration of a news broadcaster chimes in over the incessant snaps of paparazzi camera shutters. “As one of the world’s leading supermodels,” the voice says. “Gisele Bündchen has never been shy about liking the limelight.”

And that’s true. In a society where women are often shamed for being bold and self-serving like Bündchen did in those Frame jeans, she takes a firm stance: She will always prioritize her own wants and needs. “No one is going to do it for you,” she told People last month. “The only person that’s going to make those choices is you. Because ultimately, you’re the first person who’s going to be impacted by it. But then, it’s your children, it’s your husband, it’s your family. You got to put the oxygen mask on you first.”

That instinct of hers is only becoming stronger with age. “I’m feeling so much better at 43 than at 23,” she shared during a Gaia Herbs-hosted panel in New York City last month, per People. “It’s amazing. I feel so much better—40s are amazing.”

And they definitely look amazing, too.

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