35 Nostalgic Pictures That Perfectly Capture What Christmas Was Like In The '90s For Millennials

1.Being mesmerized by the computer animation in the Coca-Cola polar bears commercials:

Screenshot of two polar bears in the Coca-Cola commercial

2.Getting just one chance to get a good photo with the Santa at the mall because there were no digital cameras — hence a lot of pics of kids crying or looking in the other direction:

A miserable child in Santa's lap, and another waiting for the chance
James Leynse / Corbis via Getty Images

3.And also really getting into the holiday spirit anytime you went to the mall and just walked around looking at the decorations:

People in a mall, including a man sitting with bags and looking morose
Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

4.Your mom and your aunt having that one go-to denim Christmas button-up they would wear whenever they wanted to feel festive:

A denim shirt with Xmas embroidery

5.Your grandma wearing her Christmas vest (usually over a red turtleneck) basically the entire month:

A knit vest with all kinds of Xmas objects

6.And your grandma also decorating her house for the holidays with either Thomas Kinkade or Franklin Mint Christmas scene plates:

Six plates in a circle with homey and snowy Christmas scenes

7.Having to pick up these outdoor light-up candle decorations all the time because they were hollow and constantly got knocked down by the wind:

Plug-in candle-motif lights

8.And breaking several light bulbs whenever you helped put up the outdoor Christmas lights:

Multicolored decorative bulbs on a plate

9.Begging your parents to buy you a Hallmark Keepsake ornament, but really, it was so you could play with it:

Hallmark Keepsake Barbie

10.And for some reason, having a penguin ornament on your tree (why were penguin ornaments such a thing?):

A penguin ornament

11.Eating off placemats that had fugly drawings of poinsettias and always just used red, white, and green:

Several poinsettia placemats

12.Having your mom or dad write the family Christmas letter that they would then photocopy and send to all their friends and relatives:

A Christmas card with letter inside
eHow / Via

13.Looking forward to the night when ABC's TGIF aired its Christmas episodes:

A Christmas scene from Full House
ABC Photo Archives / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

14.Eating one of these Santa-head lollipops that tasted like stale cough drops:

Three Santa lollipops

15.And feeling like the red and green Christmas M&M's tasted the best:

Screenshot from M&M's commercial, with a bag of the holiday M&M's and text, "The Milk Chocolate Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand"
Betamax King / Via

16.Drinking out of Christmas glasses that had this design on them (which was basically the Jazz cup design of the holiday season):

Christmas cups showing Christmas trees

17.And drinking hot cocoa out of the mugs with country Christmas geese on them:

Christmas mugs with geese wearing wreaths

18.Basically, having a lot of Christmas kitchen decor that featured the country geese on it:

A platter decorated with geese wearing Xmas neck bows

19.Looking over and over at all the pretty photos in the I Spy Christmas book:

"I Spy Christmas" book cover showing Xmas ornaments

20.Your family getting one of these multi-flavor giant popcorn tins from someone they sorta knew that ultimately became a decorative item the next year or a regift:

A large, overflfowing popcorn tin
u/Flrg808 / Via

21.Looking forward to the Toys R Us holiday catalog...

Toys R Us 1993 Christmas catalog
The Nostalgia Mall / Via

22....and the Sears Wish Book so that you could see all the new toys that were being released and ~circle them~ so that your parents would know what to get you:

The 1991 Sears Great American Wish Book

23.Thinking it was so cool that Penny Marshall and Rosie O'Donnell got to hang out in a giant room surrounded by toys in the Kmart commercials (and being a little jealous of that):

Penny Marshall and Rosie O'Donnell sitting surrounded by toys

24.Begging your parents to buy you Christmas stickers...

Stickers of Barney the purple dinosaur wearing a Santa hat, on a sled, carrying gifts, ice skating, and so on

25....and rubber stamps so that you could decorate your "Christmas cards" with them:

Four square snowman rubber stamps

26.Really wanting Campbell's soup whenever you watched the melting-snowman commercial:

27.Being excited whenever Gap's kick-ass holiday commercials came on:

28.Watching these two classics over and over and over:

VHS tapes of Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

29.Staring at the animated Santa Claus decoration your parents would put out, and thinking it was some sort of amazing animatronic (it wasn't and was always loud AF):

Large, animated Santa Claus figure

30.Or staring at the animated Victorian carolers who were just creepy AF:

They're carrying candles, and one's wearing a top hat, and the other is in a velvet gown

31.Having that one fancy neighbor who decorated their house with sad and creepy Victorian decorations:

A sad, bearded Santa carrying a sack of gifts and going into a chimney

32.Being able to hear the Hershey's Kisses commercial in your head before it even started playing the bell sounds:

33.Waiting in just wild lines at Toys R Us:

People in line at the toy store
Getty Images

34.Knowing a good gift was coming on Christmas morning because your parents pulled out the camcorder:

A huge VHS camcorder

35.And lastly, finding a Life Savers "book" from Santa in your stocking:

Life Savers book/gift box
Jaimass / Via