34 People Who Think They're Badass, But Are Actually Hilariously Dorky

Rebels...they walk among us. I'm talking about those TOTAL BADASSES who absolutely INSIST on doing things their way.

man telling a woman, I'm a lone dottie, a rebel

RIP eternal rebel, you.

Warner Bros.

Can we be like them? Heck no! They're just built differently.

man playing guitar outside saying, i'm a bad boy

So, in honor of these incredible beings, here are 34 bonafide rebels who are just on another level:

1.First, these certified badasses do things the rest of us couldn't even conceive of doing.


2.And they take risks, like this IRL hero. Talk about nerves of STEEL!

"if u worked at a movie theatre would you check underneath my hat for cool ranch doritos be honest"

3.This bad boy (maybe the same guy from #2?) absolutely REFUSES to conform. You can't see me right now, but I've got a fist raised skyward in solidarity with this renegade.

Seating arrangement for "Oppenheimer"

4.This badass also refuses to be boxed in by society's RULES. Man, do I wish I had their balls!

"Nobody tells me what to do"

5.This animal goes hard...and I mean HARD. Damn! Slow down there, fella!

"Oh god I feel so hung over from last night"

6.This troublemaker saw you could hit the "no pickle" button more than once, so — tee-hee, what a madman! — they hit it 50 times!

"No pickle"

7.And this hero is expecting 15 guests at his party — Yes, you read that right! — FIFTEEN!!!

"Far too much hype for this party."

8.Then there's Josh. Freaking Josh, man. What a timeless rebel!

"Only Josh can prevent wildfires."

9.Speaking of timeless rebels...I would've given ANYTHING to be there when this wild man pulled off his stunt!

person opening up a to-go box to show three fries inside

10.This thrill seeker made me gasp and say, "How did they come UP with that?!"

"Anyone else enjoy the thrill of mixing different brand tea bags for the same brew?"

11.While this rebel owned his whole damn school.

"and never gave it back"

12.This deep diving legend, meanwhile, TOTALLY owned these fish!

Pics of a person giving the finger in the ocean

13.This force of nature totally owned these baguettes! Take THAT, uh, bread!

Empty baguette packs

14.And this rebel owned his pet rabbit just as hard. Boom, bunny!

selfie of a guy putting up "bunny ears" peace sign behind his pet bunny

15.This guy should get free groceries for life after pulling this one over on Safeway.

a commenter responding to safeway saying the bathrooms were terrible, then saying he was at home just need to vent

16.And — note to Mrs. G — If you didn't want worms in the living room, you never should have married such an absolute stone-cold badass.

man sitting on a couch next to a large bucket

17.If you don't get it by now, you should NOT try to tell these rebels what to do.

"do not cover breather hole"

18.If I were this guy's roommate, I'd have only one response: "HOW ARE YOU THIS BADASS?!?!?!"

slices of cornbread covering up a roommates bed

19.Rebels, in case you didn't know, are born not made.

"im 10 and I go to bed at 10:00pm"

20.And rebels always, ALWAYS come out on top.

"All I ask is that that I can post 1 meme per day."

21.No matter how long it takes.

comments showing posts posted 9 years and 4 days ago

22.This Paul Blart-loving rebel is all about the long game, too.

A drawing of Paul Blart

23.No milk? No problem.

Cereal with ice cream

24.Got milk? Well, they can make that 100% rebellious, too.

text message saying they drank a whole 2 liters of milk in under 2.30 minutes

25.Customers are like, "I thought I asked for the sausage on the right side?" LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY OWNED!!!!

"I put the left ingredients on the right and the right ingredients on the left"

26.Our feeble brains just don't work like theirs do.

bowl of lucky charms marshmallows only

27.Like, how do they think of this stuff?!?!?!?

a playstation sticker on a nintendo

28.I mean these people will do ANYTHING!

View from a mountain range


A Madagascar DVD as a light bulb

30.They're born ANARCHISTS.

man in a tub full of plastic spoons

31.And there's literally NO stopping them.

"last week I stole a shopping cart and a traffic cone on the same day."

32.Oh SNAP! He did NOT dare! LOLOLOL!

selfie of a guy in an aisle with text reading, i yelled big chungus in a walmart

33.There are just some people who exist only to be AGENTS OF CHAOS, you know?

"I feel guilty about it, but I refuse to leave."

34.And really, all we can do is say, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU GODS ON EARTH FOR MERELY EXISTING!!!"

selfie of someone holding a license that looks like it says buttsex

Rebels, amirite?

man shrugging

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