UFC great sends dire warning to McGregor ahead of epic comeback

UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre has sent a dire warning to Conor McGregor ahead of his prized return to the UFC.

In arguably the biggest fight in MMA history, St-Pierre believes McGregor’s comeback against the undefeated Khabib Nurmangedov could result in a rude awakening.

After two years out of the octagon, McGregor announced the highly-anticipated fight against the current lightweight champion earlier in the week.

As a former champion and incredible UFC fighter himself, St-Pierre has weighed in on McGregor’s chances.

“I believe Khabib has more chance to win that fight than Conor,” St-Pierre said at a press conference in Sydney to promote the Australian leg of his speaking tour.

Georges St-Pierre has send a dire warning to Conor McGregor ahead of his UFC return against Khabib Nurmangedov. Pic: Getty

“Conor has one way to win the fight — if he catches him on the way in, standing up.

“Khabib has more chances to win.

“He can win by submission on the ground and he can win by ground and pound. If it goes to a decision the chances are very likely Khabib is going to win.

“I see more ways to win from Khabib than I see from Conor.”

St-Pierre, a two-division champion at welterweight and middleweight is hopeful of returning to the octagon later this year after suffering from ulcerative colitis.

McGregor’s outspoken attitude has ruffled plenty of feathers and he generated negative headlines after he was charged with with assault, criminal mischief and other crimes over a melee at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn earlier this year.

Despite St-Pierre’s comments regarding the potential outcome of the fight, he says McGregror’s return to the UFC was good because of his box office appeal.

“He’s about ‘love me hate me, but don’t ignore me,” a little bit like Muhammad Ali at times,” St Pierre told AAP.

“It was before I was born, but I’ve been told that Muhammad Ali when he was fighting, most of the people hated him, he was not a very likeable person.

“He was very cocky, a lot of people wanted him to lose, but when we look back at things like this, we realise, ‘wow, he did a lot for boxing.'”

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McGregor has competed as a welterweight in MMA and St-Pierre suggested he wouldn’t be averse to a fight with the feisty Iriishman.

“If it’s a good deal that’s put on the table why not? No problem, I don’t reject any possibility,” St-Pierre said.

Australia’s Robert Whittaker was upgraded from interim to universally recognised UFC middleweight champion after St-Pierre relinquished the title due to his medical condition.

Whittaker won’t fight again until next February due to injury, but GSP, as St-Pierre is known, doesn’t think the UFC should sanction an interm title fight while it waits for Whittaker to recover.

“I think Robert deserves people to wait for him, a lot of bad luck has happened to him,” St-Pierre said.

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