32 Extremely Annoying Things That Completely Ruined Your Day 15 Years Ago That Literally No One Cares About In 2023

Back in the mid-2000s, nothing was worse than...

1.Trying to take a selfie with flip phones and completely missing your face, like, 14 times in a row:

Samantha Mumba taking a selfie with a flip phone
Dave Hogan / Getty Images

2.Running out of minutes and having to wait 'til after 9 p.m. like a BARBARIAN:

An older phone

3.Literally just, having to pay for texts:

"Just told a group of teens when I was their age I had to pay 10 cents per text message..."

4.Accidentally pulling out the charging cable while your iPod was in DO NOT DISCONNECT mode:

An old iPod

5.That tear in your Livestrong getting bigger and bigger:

A torn Livestrong bracelet

6.Turning on the TV Guide and missing the ONE channel you wanted to see:

An old TV guide

7.Waiting days for your disposable camera's pictures to develop, only to find out that your thumb ruined 95% of them:

A thumb in the way of a photo

8.Accidentally clicking the wrong button and thinking that you bankrupted your family:

An old flip phone

9.Hearing the worst five words in the English language:

"Sorry, we're out of copies."

10.Being harassed by every single person on Facebook with, like, 14 "LOST PHONE, NEED NUMBERS" groups:

Groups on Facebook

11.Having your music interrupted on these speakers because someone called:

Old speakers

12.Taking one bad step and ending up with sopping-wet Uggs:

Dirty Uggs

13.Being in the middle of an excellent Flash game or YouTube video and having this happen:

A computer with a virus

14.Get faked out by a voicemail message:

tweet about fake voicemail messages that made it sound like the person was there

15.Losing a disc of the TV box set you paid, like, 75$ for:

DVDs of seasons 2 and 3 of The Office

16.Going to listen to music on your iPod and seeing this symbol:

"Connect to power"

17.Loading up your Netflix queue and seeing that the movie you REALLY want is going to take weeks to arrive:

Old Netflix queue

18.Only to finally get it and realize it's the wrong DVD:

tweet reading damn you netflix for sending me the wrong dvd

19.Burning a CD and seeing the worst two words in the English language:

cd player reading cd no disc

20.Misspelling a word on your totally cool, totally unique Converse sneakers:

converse with writing all over them

21.Getting third degree burns from the ashtray on the back of a car seat:

car seat ashtray

22.Trying to download a song from LimeWire and having it take 17 hours:

limewire downloads on an old computer

23.Only to have it all be in vain:

tweet reading on this day 15 years ago my moms picked up the phone and interrupted the file at 96 percent i'd been downloading for 17 hours

24.Listening to your CD player and trying to stay cool while it kept skipping:

tweet reading todays kids will never understand the struggle of trying to maintain coolness after the song you were singing to on your cd started skipping

25.And taking the CD out and seeing this:

A scratched CD

26.Getting, like, 400 FarmVille requests each day:

FarmVille requests on someone's phone

27.Starting a download and seeing a wait time like this:

old school download screen with a wait time of 39 years

28.Your sticky hand touching the floor and immediately attracting all the dust and dirt in the 10-mile radius:

A sticky hand

29.Hobbling yourself with a scooter slam to the ankle:

"Hitting my ankle with a razor scooter"

30.Seeing this heinous sight on your Xbox:

red ring of death on an xbox

31.Someone warning you into OBLIVION:

The warn button on AIM

32.And your mom reading the message that was for YOUR EYES ONLY:

picture of an old flip phone that reads i miss u so much today don't reply this is my mom's number