"Barbie" And 30 Other Films That People Say Are Unnecessarily Long

Sometimes, longer runtimes are needed to tell a full and complete story — but there are some movies that feel like they absolutely could have been shorter without losing their desired effect.

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Recently, Reddit user u/Plus-Statistician80 asked people, "What film made you say, 'Holy shit, there is still an hour left?'" Here are 31 of the titles they named.

1. "Pearl Harbor. I was waiting for the end credits and suddenly realized there were 1.5 hours left of the movie."


2. "The Dark Knight Rises. There is a spot in the middle where they basically start a second movie and reset the 'climax.'"


3. "I was watching Justice League for the second time a couple of months ago, and there were quite a few scenes that I didn't remember (but I'd only seen it once), and about halfway through it, I started thinking I've been sitting here a LONG time. I then realized I was watching the Zack Snyder version that was four hours long."


4. "Australia. I thought it was a pretty decent western, and the scene of the cattle running up the ramp onto the boat was a nice ending note. Then World War II started…"


"Came here to say Australia. The movie FULLY ENDED (not the first act, the movie) and then started a second one, and thought we wouldn't notice. There's no need for that."


5. "At the end of the first Hobbit movie, they got to where they could see the Lonely Mountain, and my friend turned to me and said, 'HOW LONG IS THIS MOVIE?' He did not know it was a trilogy. So yeah, only five to six hours left at that point."


6. "Jurassic World Dominion felt like it was six hours long to me."


7. "Avatar: The Way of Water. Ugh."


8. "King Kong, the Peter Jackson version. We’re two hours in, and I look at my buddy and say, 'We’re still on the island!!' 😬"


9. "My son's movie was Madagascar. He was 4. It was his first movie. The song 'I Like to Move It' was played very early in the movie. After dancing in the aisle, he was done. He said, 'Okay, I'm ready to go bowling now.' (There was a pinball game in the lobby.) He didn't understand nor want to stay for the rest of the movie."


10. "The Revenant."


11. "Oppenheimer."


"The first two hours were okay, but after two hours, I started checking the time left. The last hour was way too 'political.'"


12. "Batman v Superman. That movie was just so much talking that the final fight was not even close to worth watching the whole thing."


13. "Wonder Woman 1984. Such a shame 'cause I like the first movie."


14. "Into the Woods."


15. "Honestly...the new Barbie movie. I had super high expectations due to things I’d heard prior to watching it last weekend. It was alright, but definitely not this life-altering, mind-blowing, epiphany-provoking film that so many had built it up to be."


16. "The new Indiana Jones, LMFAO."


17. "I didn't hate or even really dislike the film, but the third Pirates of the Caribbean seemed to take longer than some of the extended Lord of the Rings editions."


18. "This is kind of embarrassing, but I saw Titanic in the theater, and I got so caught up in the love story that when they hit the iceberg, I had to remind myself: 'Oh, yeah, this is the Titanic!'"


19. "Eternals felt like it went on all afternoon."


20. "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. That movie just wouldn’t stop."


"You were warned. It wasn’t called 'Wakanda for 90 Minutes.'"


21. "As an 'in a good way' example where there's a major tone shift, and it feels like a completely new movie — Barbarian. I haven't seen a lot of other movies that do that and thought it was a really cool structure."


22. "Not to rag on the GOAT Martin Scorsese, but The Irishman was an hour longer than it needed to be."


23. "A.I. Artificial Intelligence. That movie could have ended three different times."


24. "Black Adam. Gave it a try, but it was not a good movie at all."


25. "The Batman. Took me two attempts to get through that movie."


26. "I'm not complaining at all, but Blade Runner 2049. I was sitting in it thinking it’s almost over before I realized Harrison Ford still hadn’t shown up yet."


27. "Parasite, in a good way. The tone shifted about halfway through the movie. I was entranced."


28. "White Noise. It was about the fear of death, but now I'm just scared of Adam Driver ever sucking away two hours of my life."


29. "The Matrix Resurrections."


30. "Straight Outta Compton, but in a good way. I knew nothing about N.W.A when I first saw it, so I had no idea how the story went. I knew so little that I didn't even know who Eric Wright was, so the ending threw me way the fuck off, and I wasn't expecting that kind of movie to ruin me. I just knew that N.W.A wasn't a thing in the modern day, so when they broke up in the movie, I was shocked at how much longer it lasted."


31. And finally: "Every Transformers movie."


What are some movies that were unnecessarily long for you? Share 'em in the comments below.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.