28 People Who Tried To Sound Smart On The Internet And Ended Up Sounding Like Total Ass-Clowns

1.This person tried to sound smart by analyzing "OMG" but ended up sounding insufferable.

"Happy Pi Day, everyone."

2.This person was "smart" enough to have understood that Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Raven," but not smart enough to realize that literally everyone knows that.

"Edgar Allen Poe is a famous author of horror stories and one of his more famous pieces of work is titled 'the raven'"

3.The person who shared this thought it was difficult to understand.

A person pointing at their shirt

4.This person was apparently smart, yet thought it was a good idea to act this pretentious on social media.

"I read a lot of books."

5.I'm not sure when "hacking into someone's Gmail account" became the bar for intelligence.

"Think what you will, it matters not to me."

"It matters not to me" is giving...

"I care not."
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6.This "smart" person tried to put down the general population...but ending up roasting themselves.

"Well considering a bad credit score is like 600 and a high IQ is like 130 yeah i'd say most peoples IQ is lower than their credit score"

7.This person tried to sound smart by saying they had a PhD in their dating profile...then clarified they just "might as well" because they "know a little bit about just about everything," which is definitely the same thing (sarcasm).

Screenshot of a text conversation

8.This person also tried to claim they had a PhD...which they apparently got in four days.

"I got my PhD in 4 days"

9.This "smart" guy thought calling a woman "simply pulchritudinous" would make her "titillated."

"She turned around as red as Mars"

10.And this "smart" guy thought this was a good idea to put in his dating profile.

"Btw, notifications are set to off."

11.Uh, I don't think you "actively participating in class discussions" is the reason women aren't into you, bro. Maybe it's that you're sexist and full of yourself?

"Would a woman reject a guy she dislikes/envies?"


"It'll be because you're an asshole."
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12.This person thought that it was their intelligence that was pushing people away, and not, I don't know, posting crap like this on social media.

"But hey, it's the one God gave me."

13.This guy thought he was soooo smart, and yet he sabotaged his own chance to get this construction job by putting ridiculous bragging claims in his résumé that were irrelevant to the job.

A person's résumé

14.This person was "smart" enough to..."consume libraries" (???) but not smart enough to realize he sounds like a total and complete jackass.

"I believe people want everything and nothing."

15.This person claimed teachers tried to sabotage him because they disliked that he was smarter than them...

"Other students said I was smarter than the profs." which I say, "Sure, Jan."

"Sure, Jan."
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16.I'm also gonna call "Sure, Jan" on this third assertion here.

"I have an IQ of 185, and I am bothered by that statement."

17.This person claimed they were tested by MENSA and told their IQ was 197...when the test only goes up to 170.

"They tested our IQ and mine was 197"

18.And this guy claimed to have an IQ over 200.

"I have an IQ over 200"

19.This "smart" person got utterly schooled on art when they tried to be pretentious.

"The copy has eyebrows"

20.This person tried to claim they almost accidentally invented AI that would pass the Turing test and could take over the world just briefly in their head.

Screenshot of a Tweet

21.This person was just so confidently wrong.

"There are no electrons in any atomic nucleus."

22.This person tried to sound superior by roasting someone for starting a dating app convo with "hey, what's good," and promptly got their ass handed to them.

"I don't think this is gonna work out."

23.This person was just soooo smart, and yet didn't realize he shouldn't refer to women as "females" if he actually wants to talk to one.

"So if you fit the bill, send me a message"

24.This person decided to be an ass by correcting someone when he knew what they meant, and got his perfect comeuppance when he made a similar error.

"all intents and purposes."

25.This person just straight up lied to make himself sound smarter, and was rightfully exposed.

"You know we are in the same class right?"

26.I like OP's caption, so I'm using it: "They taught him history, but not how to not be a condescending dickhead."

"Girls in history class"

27.This person tried to sound superior and yet somehow thought they were the only young person to listen to Pink Floyd and Queen.

"Oh well, having an extremely high IQ has its perks!"

28.And finally, I just had to include this one because of the "I'll be in 9th-century Byzantine by noon." Get over yourself.

"I don't care."

H/T: r/IAmVerySmart