27 Very Random '00s Things That People Between The Ages Of 32–45 Haven't Thought About In 15 Years And Maybe Even Longer

1.MTV's Becoming, which was a series that featured everyday people recreating their favorite artists' music videos:

dit0mat0/ Paramount Network / Via

2.Fonzworth Bentley, who was Diddy's valet and used to follow him everywhere:

Fonzworth Bentley
Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage / Getty Images

3.TBS's delightful Dinner & Movie (and also all TBS shows starting at :05):

"Dinner & Movie"

4.Having to adjust your eyes to the darkness inside of Hollister stores — and then having to adjust them again to the brightness of the mall when you left the store:

A Hollister store
Marcos Vinicius / Via

5.The risqué photos inside the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog:

A guy and woman modeling Abercrombie & Fitch
Craig F. Walker / Denver Post via Getty Images

6.Artists doing in-store appearances at Virgin Megastores, Best Buys, and Tower Records to promote their new albums:

Britney Spears holding her CD
Jim Spellman / WireImage

7.The Family Guy ringtones you would buy from Jamster:

Jamster page

8.And the Jamster commercial that featured the super annoying singing rabbit:

a Jamster commercial

9.The iPod headphones that were flat and round with wires that would rip after, like, a year of use:

an old iPod
The Age / Fairfax Media via Getty Images

10.Target's Archer Farms in-store brand and market within a store:

An Archer Farms Market store
Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

11.And the video games endcap display Target had that looked so futuristic and had three different game consoles set up inside of it:

Kids playing video games in a store
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

12.Catherine Zeta-Jones as the spokesperson for T-Mobile:

Screenshot from a T-Mobile commercial
T-Mobile / Via

13.Happy Bunny T-shirts that always made you do a double-take:

"Let's focus on me"

14.And Paul Frank tees that were cute AF:

a Paul Frank shirt

15.MP3s that you downloaded from LimeWire that had the wrong artist listed for the track and made you believe for years that some other artist sang that song:

"Madonna - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

16.LG's Chocolate phone that looked very cool but had a terrible design as the track wheel would turn on when you put the phone next to your face while talking on it:

the Chocolate phone

17.The Daily Show's Even Stevphen recurring segment where Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert would have a cable news-style debate:

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert on "The Daily Show"
videosiftmirror/ Paramount Network / Via

18.And Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, and Samantha Bee as The Daily Show's correspondents:

Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Jon Stewart, Rob Corddry, and Samantha Bee
Comedy Central / ©Comedy Central/Courtesy Everett Collection

19.Taking photos at concerts with digital cameras (which usually came out all blurry):

A crowd at a concert
Chris Weeks / WireImage / Getty Images

20.Knowing the skill of how to take selfies with non-front facing digital cameras:

Two girls taking a selfie
Tara Moore / Getty Images

21.E! True Hollywood Story, which was like a more dramatic version of A&E's Biography:

True Hollywood Story
Andyfilm/E! / Via

22.Printing out track lists for mix CDs you would make for your friends:

a CD track list

23.And creating labels for your mix CDs — though it was always stressful when trying to get the sticker label perfectly on:

a hand holding a blank CD

24.Watching The Carol Duvall Show (where she made different arts and crafts each episode) on HGTV if you were home sick from school and had NOTHING to watch:

"The Carol Duvall Show"
Art and Craft with Karen Elaine/ HGTV / Via

25.Having the Education Connection commercial jingle stuck in your head:

Education Connection commercial
EducationConnectionTV / Via

26.The feeling of absolute panic you would get whenever you accidentally hit the "internet button" on your phone:

a phone connecting to internet

27.And lastly, the "don't pirate movies" ad that played before some DVD movies and made you think the FBI would be breaking down your door if you even googled a pirating site:

"You wouldn't steal a movie"
haxorcat / Via