26 Unsettling Photos I Definitely Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed See (But I Did And My Brain Will Never Forget Them)

1.This person, who got home and had to do a double take because that "pipe" looks suspiciously like the lower half of someone's body:

A pipe on the floor

According to OP, upon further inspection, it's actually a pipe. Here's a closer look, in case you — like me — were the hell is that a pipe?

Closeup of the pipe on the floor

2.This suspiciously body-shaped stain on the hardwood floor of this home on the market that I'm pretty sure means it's, like, definitely haunted, right?

A body-shaped stain

3.This package a redditor received that is, uh, possibly not NOT a bomb......:

"This is NOT a bomb"

4.This sign on the back of a truck that is certainly informative, but also downright horrifying, thanks so much:

"This container transports a disease which has no cure"

5.This neighborhood that looks like it tried using green lights to ~get into the Christmas sprit~ but accidentally made it look like everyone is getting abducted by aliens:

A green street

6.This glitch-in-the-matrix-y picture that's giving ~the M3gans got out~:

A bunch of blonde women on a bus
"u should probably run"
Blumhouse Productions

7.This jar of honey that honestly might be good for longer than humans exist:

"Best before 01/07/4417"

8.This person who left their car window cracked open and came back to find that someone left these for them:

Weird items with herbs

9.This street lamp that said "I'm over summer, it's spooky time":

A scary lamp

10.The person who found THIS in the bedroom of the home they just moved into while they were unpacking, aka an absolutely valid reason to pack it back up and move right back out:

A leg peeking from under the bed

11.This building in Stockholm that looks like it's a fake, cardboard cutout on a movie set or something:

A building that looks fake

12.This door that is actually a lesser-known, more accessible entrance to hell:

A black door

13.The unfortunate soul who just wanted to dig a new garden bed and instead unearthed THIS:

A coffin in the ground

14.This micro ecosystem living inside a partially buried bottle, that makes me wonder if WE are also a micro ecosystem living inside a partially buried bottle:

A bottle with plants inside

15.This rubber watch strap that just?? DISINTEGRATED?? Like the Avengers? While it was in storage?? I was today years old when I learned that was a thing that could happen???

A disintegrated watch

16.These bright blue mushrooms that absolutely look like something that should not go in your body, but — surprise! — are actually edible:

blue mushrooms

17.This store display that said, "Your stomach can't hurt if you don't have one!!!!"

"Stomach relief"

18.These boiled eggs that have white yolks, which my brain simply refuses to believe are actually eggs and instead choses to see as butter carved into the shape of boiled eggs:

Boiled eggs with white yolks

19.This, uh, garden that is certainly not what I pictured the Cabbage Patch Kids field looking like:

Doll heads in a garden

20.This person who got a text from a random number with random coordinates, which could either mean a) the adventure of a lifetime for buried treasure or b) untimely death:

Screenshot of a text with coordinates

21.This sweet potato that — I've gotta be honest — is a bit too hand-like for my comfort:

A sweet potato shaped like a hand

22.This house that looks like it got so embarrassed, it's slowly sinking into the ground (honestly, same):

A house that's partially underground

23.This street that looks like a shot from an abandoned, forbidden forest where it's always winter:

A street in winter

24.This homeowner who was just trying to have a chill morning, but found wet, bare footprints leading up to their front door — a universally bad sign:

Footprints on someone's steps

25.These feet shoes?? That are possibly the most horrid, cursed things I have ever seen if only for the fact that THEY LOOK SO REAL:

Feet shoes

26.And finally, this interior photo that was included in a car listing ad that looks completely norma- oh wait, just kidding, what the fuck is that picture???

Picture of an unconscious person

If you enjoyed these deeply cursed images, you're in luck! I do this ✨every single month✨, so you can find more of 'em here. h/t r/oddlyterrifying, r/mildlyinteresting, and r/Weird.