23 People Who Tried — Really Tried! — But Absolutely Should Not Have

Our culture is big on encouraging people to try things: "Give it a shot!" "Just try it!" But you know what? We need to cut that crap out. Because some people should NOT try. Really.

"I tried!"

To show you what I mean, here are 23 people who tried to do things when they really, REALLY shouldn't have:

1.This police officer tried to go undercover...but couldn't have been more obvious if he, ahem, tried:

An undercover cop
u/Vengefulbuddha0 / Via reddit.com

2.And this police officer tried to find a suspect...but was clearly missing the plot:

A man standing on a window ledge
u/Orri · / Via reddit.com

3.This sign programmer tried to use teen slang...and failed in staggeringly embarrassing fashion:

"bucking up is totes yeet yo"
u/maxrip / Via reddit.com

4.This woman tried to market her oils online...and received exactly zero interest:

"No 100%"
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

5.And this guy tried to make a REALLY scary Halloween display...and took things way too far:

Two cops looking at what appears to be a body
u/domiinikk4 · / Via reddit.com

6.This person tried to make a baked potato...and ended up with a thermonuclear spud:

A ball of fire
u/proudLateran34 / Via reddit.com

7.This person tried to to make a grilled cheese in an air fryer...and ended up with this pillow-like result:

Pillow cheese
u/Martyjoh34 / Via reddit.com

8.And — oh my — this person tried to make smiley face cheese balls...and ended up with these disturbing horrors:

Cheese coming out of smiling faces
u/Dr_Apk / Via reddit.com

9.This truck driver tried to make a strong political statement...but ended up with this confusing mess (is it fuck Trump or fuck Biden? Trump 2024 or Biden 2024? Sheesh!):

"Fuck Trump Biden 2024"
u/He-She-We_Wumbo• / Via reddit.com

10.And this guy tried to make a political statement, too...but via this pathetically laughable homemade shirt (also note "lyers," LOL):

A man with a paper taped to his shirt
u/vectorix108 · / Via reddit.com

11.This dude tried to shame this bird...then realized the joke was on him:

"I thought that only the bag of chips was knitted"
u/keefurs / Via reddit.com

12.This person tried to steal a joke...and got called out over it by none less than Sunny Delight:

"at least credit them if you're going to steal their joke"
u/hunterdude3 / Via reddit.com

13.And Mike here tried to clown Bernie Sanders...but ended up the one wearing clown shoes:

"This is how birthday cakes work when you have friends."
u/LentoAllege562 / Via reddit.com

14.This city tried to let its citizens re-name an elementary school...and really should have just named it themselves:

"Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance"
u/BaronVonBroccoli / Via reddit.com

15.And someone tried to make, well, a can...and failed 100%:

A Diet Coke can with the wrong side up
u/bbrown987654 / Via reddit.com

16.This teacher tried to grade a test...and proved their student understands the subject more than they do:

"This is NOT possible"
u/sco-go / Via reddit.com

17.And this student tried to write an intro paragraph...and it's not too strong to say they brought shame upon their entire family:

A paper with red writing on it
u/aspiring_scientist97 / Via reddit.com

18.This shoe store tried to pull a fast one by raising the price during a supposed sale...but did it in the most inept way possible:

u/SANS_CRICKET / Via reddit.com

19.This prospective worker tried to get a job...with a not exactly elaborate résumé:

"I receive resumes like this one all the time."
u/IndirectLaunch · / Via reddit.com

20.And this '90s anti-drug campaign tried to scare kids off drugs...while including the text "cool to do drugs" right in the middle of the damn thing:

"cool to do drugs"
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

21.This person tried to shame a restaurant online...only to post this embarrassing self-own:

"I'd redo your math."
u/ewantprenupyeahhh / Via reddit.com

22.This guy tried to pick up on a girl using puns...that clearly weren't working:

"I was just winging it..."
u/cocktailnapkins / Via reddit.com

23.And this person tried to make a smoothie...and, well, it didn't quite work out:

Smoothie all over the walls and counter
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

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