23 Employees Who Messed Up So Badly At Work, I Have NO Clue How They Got Away With It

1.Whoever set up this fire escape:

fire escape leads to a balcony with nowhere else to go
u/BadStriking4786 / Via

2.The person responsible for delivering this package:

the arrow on the box pointing to which side should be up and the person has instead left it on its side
u/AlienSporez / Via

Yeah, I think it's on the wrong side:

  u/AlienSporez / Via
u/AlienSporez / Via

3.Whoever forgot this SHOVEL in the ground:

shovel stuck inside the road
u/BadStriking4786 / Via

4.The person who wrote this, can we use Apple Pay or not?

no apple pay note but no is in quotation marks
u/fiirehere / Via

5.Whoever worked on this elevator:

up and down arrows are reversed
u/The-Anniy / Via

6.The person who installed this sink:

faucet is too close to the side of the sink so hands don't fit underneath
u/d4s_bo0t / Via

7.The person who set up this display:

rows of planters on display on top of direction that read only 2 planters should be on top
u/WhenMaxAttax / Via

8.The people responsible for mislabeling this puzzle:

fox label on a raccoon
u/BadStriking4786 / Via

9.The person who didn't print the logo on all 900 of these pens:

pen instead says please use uploaded logo
u/Murky-Plastic6706 / Via

10.The person who installed these blinds, which were supposed to make sure the room was completely dark:

the blinds do not cover the entire window
u/panoparker / Via

11.The person who was supposed to write "this bag is NOT a toy":

this bag is a toy
u/beaglelover89 / Via

12.Whoever put this toilet at the end of the hall:

toilet put at the end of the hall in the bathroom, not in a stall
u/Wahwahheeeeeeeeeee / Via

13.This person who put these parking lot signs up the wrong way:

the back of the sign is what the car sees
u/manic_Brain / Via
closeup of how the sign is on wrong
u/manic_Brain / Via

14.Whoever installed these new cabinets at work:

handle to the door is on the inside instead of outside
u/georgepopsy / Via

15.The person who installed this upside-down door unlock switch:

  u/Advanced-Swordfish-5 / Via
u/Advanced-Swordfish-5 / Via
  u/Advanced-Swordfish-5 / Via
u/Advanced-Swordfish-5 / Via

16.Whoever installed this pipe:

pipe is bent to the left and blocking any flow instead of attaching another pipe
u/4reddityo / Via

That doesn't look like a good idea:

  u/4reddityo / Via
u/4reddityo / Via

17.The person who forgot this cone:

cone has become a part of the street after tar was poured on top
u/OriginalDogeStar / Via

18.The person who installed this bathroom door lock...and didn't quiiiiite get it right:

the lock doesn't fit
u/ThatBikerHyde / Via

19.The person who installed these stairs that lead to nowhere:

stairs leading to a platform that leads to a brick wall
u/Hurricane_Killer / Via

20.The person who thought it was a good idea to have a window looking into the BATHROOM:

blinds over the window where you can see into the bathroom
u/Th3_Baconoob / Via
  u/Th3_Baconoob / Via
u/Th3_Baconoob / Via

21.Whoever placed the label on this candle:

the label is upside down
u/NoelDoesntLikeWinter / Via

22.The person who installed this paper towel dispenser keyhole with barely any space from the cabinet:

arrow pointing to the narrow space where the key can't fit
u/Naviolii / Via
  u/Naviolii / Via
u/Naviolii / Via

23.And finally, whoever painted this street:

lines on the road painted on crooked
u/ResponsibleSkirt7789 / Via

H/T: r/onejob