21 TV Shows That Were Honestly Perfect At The Beginning But Then Became A Total Dumpster Fire Mess

21 TV Shows That Were Honestly Perfect At The Beginning But Then Became A Total Dumpster Fire Mess

This post contains spoilers!

A little while ago, we asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV shows had first seasons that are so perfect, they should've just been a standalone series. Y'all had SO much to say that we need to make a whole new list.

So here are 23 more TV shows that had *perfect* first seasons, but then totally went off the rails:

1.Derry Girls

Screenshot from "Derry Girls"


Screenshot from "Scandal"

3.The Flight Attendant

Screenshot from "The Flight Attendant"


Two actors portraying Sam and Dean Winchester sitting in a car, looking intently in the same direction


Screenshot from "Bloodline"

6.Killing Eve

Screenshot from "Killing Eve"


Screenshot from "Cuckoo"

8.Black Summer

Screenshot from "Black Summer"

9.13 Reasons Why

Screenshot from "13 Reasons Why"


Screenshot from "Upload"

Actual number of seasons: 3, with a fourth and final one on the way

"Wtf was that second season?"


Prime Video / Everett

11.True Blood

Screenshot from "True Blood"

12.Dark Angel

Screenshot from "Dark Angel"

13.The Following

Kevin Bacon in a suit with badge, portraying an FBI agent in a film, with monitors displaying faces in the background

14.The Umbrella Academy

Screenshot from "The Umbrella Academy"

15.Twin Peaks

Screenshot from "Twin Peaks"


Screenshot from "Revenge"

17.Sleepy Hollow

Screenshot from "Sleepy Hollow"

18.The 100

Group of characters from a TV show in a tense discussion in a forest setting

19.How to Get Away with Murder

Viola Davis in a scene, holding an award, with a crowd in the background


Two characters from Glee, Rachel in a striped top and Santana in a cheerleader outfit, stand facing each other with serious expressions

21.The Punisher

Screenshot from "The Punisher"

Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

Did your favorite (or least favorite) make the list? Let us know in the comments!