21 People Who Made Really, Really, Really Bad Design Choices, And 21 Other People Who Made Really, Really, Really Good Jokes About It

Did you know there is an entire subreddit dedicated just to bad designs?! It's called r/CrappyDesign, and not only are the images always good for a laugh, but so are the jokes. Here are some of the best "bad designs" and jokes in response to them...

1.The bad design choice: This map that's a big ol' mess.

map of the world with the cities and states in the wrong place

The good joke: "When they said 'the south will rise again' I didn’t realize they meant all the way up to fucking Canada."


2.The bad design choice: A handle heavier than the pan.

the pan tipped over on the stove

The good joke: "I knew a guy like that. Lucky sumbitch."


3.The bad design choice: The words they chose to have standout.

freshing poo

The good joke: "Boycott sham poo, demand real poo!"


4.The bad design choice: A nutrition label that you can't read until you buy and open the product.

beef jerky stick covering the nutritional facts

The good joke: "It’s ok, I can tell you right now it’s like 80% salt."


5.The bad design choice: A surprise step guaranteed to trip everyone.

a step up before taking the stairs down

The good joke: "This trick stair saves you countless seconds. Instead of walking down the stairs at a normal pace, this design feature helps you dive down them."


6.The bad design choice: The print on this shower curtain, specifically the "P."

p is for toothbrush

The good joke: "Ptoothbrush has always had a silent P just like pterodactyl."


7.The bad design choice: Carpeting in the bathroom that even goes up the side of the tub.

  Iamwallpaper / Via

The good joke: "The '70s was a strange lawless time fueled by cocaine."


8.The bad design choice: Freezer window panels replaced with screens that constantly flash/move and don't accurately represent what's inside the fridge.

the aisle with digital screens on the freezer doors

The good joke: "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a solution looking for a problem."


9.The bad design choice: Yellow as a container color for gallons of drinking water.

looks like there are gallons of pee in the hallway

The good joke: "A piss-poor design if you ask me."


10.The bad design choice: These stairs (yes, these are STAIRS).

looks like the floor is flat

The good joke: "I don’t see any… OWWW, MY FUCKING SPINE!"


11.The bad design choice: One is a toilet cleaner, the other is for washing dishes.

the two products in the same bottle design and labels

The good joke: "Why are you washing your dishes in the same room you shit in?"


12.The bad design choice: This "renovation" to a 500-year-old tower.

looks like a modern house was added to a castle

The good joke: "When you let your little brother play Legos with you."


13.The bad design choice: The fact this is supposed to say "trick or treat."

looks like it says fuck or treat

The good joke: "Why’s there a hole in my pumpkin?"


14.The bad design choice: This alleged mural of a "sun."

looks like a large drawing of sperm

The good joke: "It may be a son one day."


15.The bad design choice: No explanation needed.

think outside the box with a tic-tac-toe game

The good joke: "When you’re playing tic tac toe toc."

16.The bad design choice: This metal bench in an area that's always very sunny and hot.

  RocketSmash9000 / Via

The good joke: "This isn't a park bench. It's a public grill!"


17.The bad design choice: This mug that makes it look like "Nev" York.

  specialvixen / Via

The good joke: "VVe love Nevv York."


18.The bad design choice: The pattern on this sweatshirt that makes it look like it's wet.

  sirSosig / Via

The good joke: "Not to mention the nipple zipper."


19.The bad design choice: The ceiling can switch being...on the ceiling.

fan that's on the side wall

The joke: "I want to play a game... Live or die, make your choice."


20.The bad design choice: These steps that are each a different height, width, and depth.

  jingojangobingoblerp / Via

The joke: "Airbnb: 'A charming and eclectic design that will keep you on your toes!'"


21.Finally, this bad design choice:

book shaped into an E

And the joke: "It’s an ebook."


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