21 Engaged Couples That — Fine, I'm Gonna Say It — Should NOT Go Through With Their Wedding

1.Under absolutely zero circumstances should this person get married in February.

bride saying she might be in love with her best friend

2.And this couple at the very least needs to push their wedding wayyyy back and get some couples counseling.

bride wondering if she should go through with wedding after fiance slept with someone else

3.If you need to quit your job and force your fiancé to get a second job in order to afford a wedding...maybe just elope? Or better yet, don't get married at all.

bride wanting her husband to get a second job after quitting hers

4.I gotta say, forcing your partner to publicly lie about you at your wedding doesn't sound like a great start to a marriage.

person wanting their fiance to lie to friends and family about how they met

5.And this bride and groom were CLEARLY not on the same page with their relationship.

his and her story of meeting don't match up

6.Expecting people to pay $2–3K on your wedding is wild enough, but threatening to delete people off Facebook who don't RSVP "yes"? Cancel this wedding immediately.

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7.Oof. This is all just...oof.

bride still questioning marrying the fiance

8.Don't worry y'all, because this person looks like she's going to blow up her own wedding before she ever gets down the aisle.

person upset her fiance's groomsman is only 5'3

9.This bride literally organized a polygraph party to find out who had leaked all her ridiculous wedding requirements to the internet...and I gotta say, I can't see her handling any other problems that should arise in her marriage much better.

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10.This bride doesn't have much time to bail on this wedding, but her groom holding up "Help me!" in the middle of it doesn't make me confident about how things will end up.

his phone behind his back with the scroll screen reading help me

11.This bride's main concern with her wedding dress was that her EX would be jealous.

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12.Sue me, but I just don't think it's a good idea to start a marriage and financial commitment to someone who is so behind on child support payments that he lost his driver's license, and still wants to pay for a wedding rather than pay the money due to his LITERAL CHILDREN.

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13.I can't see a healthy marriage starting with someone making their fiancé pay the full cost for something they don't even want.

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14.This one isn't the bride's fault at all, but I just really hope for her sake that this wedding doesn't actually happen because her fiancé sounds AWFUL.

fiance getting onto the bride about her weight

15.I sincerely hope that this fiancé found out about this so he could call off his wedding to this awful person.

fiance not wanting to include someone because of their weight

16.This person couldn't even get on with her wedding planning because she kept making her fiancé repropose since it wasn't "good enough," and I'm honestly hoping at this point they just never make it to the wedding.

the rant on social media

17.And this person just decided their boyfriend proposed "wrong"...and said they were getting married soon to get benefits.

rant on social media

18.Maybe I'm being too harsh, but I feel like your fiancé suggesting an open honeymoon with all their friends *might* be a sign you two aren't on the same page in life.

groom wanting a shared honeymoon

19.This person didn't even want to get married anymore just because the groom saw her dress and ruined the surprise...and honestly, I hope they didn't.

post on social media

20.And finally, in two examples where the ceremony actually did happen (but definitely shouldn't have), this groom utterly ruined his own wedding and rightfully got kicked out...

groom playing a prank on his new wife at the wedding

21....and this groom proved his wedding was a mistake when he literally didn't even mention his wife on his anniversary.

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