Englishman's classy response to stripped gold

The England runner controversially stripped of his 200m gold medal at the Commonwealth Games has responded to the disappointment in classy fashion.

Zharnel Hughes thought he had taken out the top prize in the 200m sprint final on Thursday night when he crossed the finish line in 20.12 seconds, alongside Trinidad and Tobago's Jereem Richards.

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The Englishman was named as the winner after a photo finish, prompting wild celebrations at the track.

Hughes had the England flag draped around his neck, he was soaking up the adulation and was in the middle of a lap of honour when he was hit with the cruellest twist of fate imaginable.

Tapping him on the shoulder mid-celebration was a race official, who subsequently explained that he'd been disqualified for impeding Richards in the home straight before the finish.

Agony and ecstasy as Hughes celebrates gold, before being disqualified. Pic: Getty/Channel 7

The Englishman was clearly shattered but less than 24 hours later he was back on the track as part of England's 4x100m relay team on Friday morning.

Hughes' response to Thursday night's dramatic disqualification was all class.

"It's heartbreaking to know that it happened, that it went down like that," Hughes said on Friday.

"But I'm a champion, I have to refocus and come back out here with the relay guys to give my very best for the team and help propel us to the finals.

"That's what I was focusing on.

His relay teammates have already vowed to bring home the gold after watching their compatriot live through his Games nightmare.

"I think all of us know the pain that I've been through.

"The guys have been really supportive of me, I mean I got in really late last night and by the time I opened my room door everyone was there greeting me with hugs and telling me it's ok.

"The guys have been very supportive and I'll give my very best to the guys and help them towards the relay and hopefully we can get the gold for Team England."

With England qualifying fastest for the final after a 4x100m relay time of 38.15s, Hughes has a fresh chance to win a gold after having one so brutally taken away from him.