Squash player throws bizarre tantrum over sweaty shoes

English squash player Sarah-Jane Perry has had a strange meltdown at an umpire at the Commonwealth Games.

Perry was batting New Zealand's Joelle King in the gold medal match on Monday night when she became unhappy with the state of the court.

She pleaded with the umpire to get someone to come onto the court to wipe away some sweat, as is customary in the squash world.

But rather than continually hold up play, the umpire simply told Perry to wipe the sweat with her shoes, to which she replied: "But that will make my shoes sweaty."

Perry wasn't happy. Image: Channel 7

After her appeals fell on deaf ears, Perry got down on her hands and knees and wiped away the sweat with the sweat band on her wrist, before she furiously wiped the soles of her shoes all over the court.

"This is a little bit silly," commentators said.

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Perry was also hit with a conduct warning for delaying the game, which resulted in a massive change of momentum in the match.

"Why is she doing this when she's 6-1 up?" one commentator said.

"She's having a meltdown here."

Perry went on to lose 3-2, settling for the silver medal.