20 Former Disney Channel Actors Who Have Actually Been Nominated For Literal Oscars

In 96 years of Oscars history, a surprising number of actors who appeared on the Disney Channel have also been nominated for (or won!) Oscars. Here are some of the really cool and shocking results.

1.America Ferrera

America as a teen at school in

2.Austin Butler

Austin and Ashley on stage in

3.Emma Stone

London Tipton holding her tiny dog in the hotel lobby

4.Kristen Stewart

Kristen as a student at the water fountain in a school

5.Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams in her early 20s with super blonde hair

6.Octavia Spencer

Octavia as a witch in

7.Brie Larson

Brie as a child in a racing uniform

8.Bryan Cranston

Bryan holding an electric guitar on Christmas morning in

9.Melissa McCarthy

DNAmy from

10.Debbie Reynolds

Aggie and Marnie in Halloweentown

11.Ryan Gosling

Ryan as a student in class as a Mouseketeer

12.Justin Timberlake

Ryan and Justin as kids in '90s clothes

Who he played on the Disney Channel: Justin was also a Mouseketeer with Ryan Gosling on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.

What he was nominated for: His song "Can't Stop the Feeling" was nominated for Best Original Song for the movie Trolls (2016).

Disney Channel, ABC

13.Mickey Rooney

Mickey standing outside the megaplex in a suit in

14.Samuel L. Jackson

A scene of Joseph and his family celebrating Kwanzaa in

15.Dolly Parton

Dolly singing on the couch in

16.Frank Langella

Frank as a magician in the DCOM sitting in a chair and holding up a giant


Mo'Nique's character in

Who she played on the Disney Channel: Mo'Nique voiced one of Penny's family members (Boonnetta Proud) in The Proud Family in a single 2002 episode.

What she was nominated for: She rightfully won Supporting Actress in 2009 for her work in Precious.

Disney Channel, Lionsgate

18.James Whitmore

James and Mischa outside at the beach in

19.Mare Winningham

Mare and Shia in the DCOM

Who she played on the Disney Channel: She played Ginny (Shia LaBeouf's mom) in the 2002 DCOM Tru Confessions.

What she was nominated for: Mare was nominated for Supporting Actress in 1995 for her role in the movie Georgia.

Disney Channel, Miramax Films

20.And Kobe Bryant

A cartoon Kobe playing basketball with Penny Proud