2 charged with breaking into Tennessee's Neyland Stadium, stealing beer from concession stand

Two people were arrested Monday morning for stealing beer from Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee. 

According to WVLT, security cameras captured five people crawling under a hole in a fence near gate 22 of the stadium just after midnight Monday. When police arrived, two people were found inside the stadium carrying cases of beer. 

Once confronted, the two people admitted that they had stolen the beer from a concession stand inside the stadium. According to police, $624 worth of beer was recovered and the two people — Rachel Barber and Spencer Ngumuya — were booked on charges of burglary. 

It apparently wasn’t too tough of a case to crack for Knoxville Police, either.

From WVLT:

One person admitted that a KPD officer warned them it was a bad idea to break into the stadium because it is under 24-hour surveillance.

Having alcohol for sale at college football games is a pretty recent development. While common at pro sporting events, alcohol sales just started popping up at campus events in the last few years. 

At Tennessee specifically, the 2019 season marked the first year alcohol was on sale for fans at Neyland Stadium. At the first game, nearly 23,000 alcoholic beverages were sold — nearly all of it beer. 

Though the financial upside was obvious, some collegiate athletic officials worried about unintended consequences that could come with alcohol sales. Having citizens break into their stadium and steal cases of beer probably wasn’t one of them

General view outside of Neyland Stadium prior to a game between Tennessee and Georgia. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

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