This 1945 magazine’s sexist advice for women is truly a sight to behold

A 1945 magazine is going viral on TikTok over a head-turning feature geared toward women on how to hold onto their husbands.

The antiquated passages from this particular edition of “Beautify Your Figure” magazine were shared on TikTok by user oldiesgoldie and have since been viewed more than 769,000 times.

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“The first tip is to share his hobbies and interests,” oldiesgoldie narrates, panning over photos of women playing golf and holding rifles — hobbies stereotypically classified as more masculine in nature.

“The next tip says, ‘Be sure you pass the breakfast table test — he may be comparing you with the slick chicks he works with at the office,'” she continues. “It then says, ‘Be his best playmate, but remember, you’re a female, so keep yourself intriguing and seductive.'”

The next one — which cautions women to be cognizant of their own laughter — is my absolute favorite.

“A woman’s life is lovely when it comes off right,” oldiesgoldie reads. “A horse laugh is best left to the ponies.”

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The article also tells women to be wary of the way they carry themselves, lest they ruin their marriage with, gasp, the way they walk.

“Is your walk light and gay? Slow and weary? Heavy and clumsy? Or just right?” the magazine warns women.

Naturally, the absurd advice is being roasted on TikTok, where users cannot believe there was ever a time it was considered fit to print.

“The horse laugh would be the end for me,” one user wrote.

“Step 1: don’t be yourself,” said another.

“I would not have been able to find a man in the 40s,” admitted a third.

“Change everything about yourself until you’ve fit every expectation he has,” summed up another.

Oldiesgoldie frequently shares similar videos of archaic advice for women found in old magazines on her TikTok, where she’s amassed over 12,900 followers.

In another one of her clips, she highlights a 1946 magazine feature about the so-called “teenage technique,” which urges grown women to act more childlike and helpless to attract potential suitors. Yuck.

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