19 People Who I'm Absolutely Sure Immediately Regretted Literally Every Single Dang Decision They Made Last Week

1.The person with the best seat in the house:

a pole blocking someone's view
u/crankyjack98 / Via

2.The person who's about to try a fun new kind of wasp-flavored boba tea:

a wasp in someone's straw
u/skifree7 / Via

3.The person who's going to be dodging jellyfish all afternoon:

"I just wanted to swim..."
u/hawaiiinsomniac / Via

4.The person who is about to make the greatest teaspoon of soup you'll ever see:

a tiny pot
u/gnarkelly / Via

5.The person who got a special surprise in their pizza:

a nail in someone's pizza
u/gyrozeppeliistaken / Via

6.The person whose day did not go eggsactly as planned:

"Don't ask"
u/bugminer / Via

7.The person who just made an enemy for life in the form of a seagull:

"I was otherwise perfect and the examiner said to come back soon. ffs"

8.The person whose ham looks like it came straight from the devil's behind:

a gross ham
u/queenhotsnakes / Via

9.The person whose mint plants just got a special fertilizer:

a dog pooping in someone's plants

10.The person whose dogs, I'm sure, have been barkin' all night:

"It's been a long night"

11.The person whose headphones are experiencing all Europe has to offer:

"David's AirPods"
u/gabberzz / Via

12.The person who's about to have the ride of their lifetime:

"Airplanes are hard for a tall person"
u/tehmaz80 / Via

13.The person who truly experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows:

"Guys I frenchkissed my girlfriend for the first time yesterday and I just learned she was tested positive for Covid"

14.The person whose dish went absolutely nuclear:

"My dish exploded."
u/chickensmackboy / Via

15.The person whose coffee beans have seen things...terrible things:

Coffee beans in someone's palm
u/tessabrooding / Via

16.The person whose fan fell fiercely flat fortunately far from family:

"My fan fell."
u/iusedtobeaplayer / Via

17.The person who lost a fight in the eternal battle of knife versus butter:

a broken knife in butter
u/pedeztrian / Via

18.The person whose car now belongs to the wasps:

a wasp nest in someone's door handle
u/breezeblender / Via

19.And Kevin:

Chili all over someone's desk chair and floor
u/mermaiddreams667 / Via