19 "Love Is Blind" Bombshells, Revelations, And Behind-The-Scenes Facts Straight From AD Smith's Mouth

Season 6 of Love Is Blind might be over, but we still can't get enough of the cast, especially Amber Desiree "AD" Smith!

Closeup of AD Smith smiling

She had everything we'd want in a reality dating show contestant: a bubbly personality with a hopeless romantic mindset. But when it comes to putting your life on public display, no matter how you portray yourself, you'll still be a target for online criticism.

Well, during a recent interview on the Relationshit with Kamie Crawford podcast, AD opened up about her Love Is Blind experience, rumors about reuniting with her ex-fiancé Clay Gravesande, hurtful comments, and much more.

Here are a few things we learned:

1.Casting for Love Is Blind takes much longer than you'd think.

AD sitting inside a bridal store with several other people

2.This wasn't the first reality show AD was pitched.

AD and Clay having dinner outdoors

"Since 2018, I'd been scouted for a lot of shows — Bachelor, Love Is Blind, Married at First Sight. I don't know what algorithm or file I'm in, but I almost got a DM every single year about being on a show."

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

3.Laura had the girls believing Clay resembled Tahj Mowry before the couples got to actually meet each other outside of the pods.

Closeup of Clay
Closeup of Clay
Closeup of Tahj Mowry
Closeup of Tahj Mowry

Netflix, Jc Olivera / FilmMagic

"There was a thing where Laura had a date with [Clay] and she asked him what he looked like. She drew him to the best of her abilities, like a caricature drawing, and then she came back and was like, 'AD I KNOW WHAT CLAY LOOKS LIKE!' She came back with this piece of paper. He said he has big arms, so she drew the muscles, and I'm looking at the face like, 'What the fuck is this? This kind of looks like Tahj Mowry.' She was like, 'Yeah, he looks like Tahj Mowry!'"

4.The couples were secluded often, despite the amount of times you see them mingling with the other couples and cast members on-screen.

Several of the ladies sitting by a fire pit on the beach

5.Production didn't capture the majority of their deep conversations.

AD and Clay customizing sneakers at a table with art supplies

6.AD said she told Clay off-camera to let her know if he ever changes his mind about wanting to pursue marriage with her.

Clay and AD at the altar at their wedding

She said she gave him the opportunity, but he continued to tell her how much he wanted the marriage.


7.AD and Clay didn't see their wedding episode until they came to film the reunion.

Clay and AD sitting next to one another during the reunion

8.AD didn't buy Clay's excuse about her finances being the issue.

Clay smiling at the altar during his wedding

9.The real reason Clay said no at the altar is still unclear.

<div><p>"He said he felt pressured...backed into a wall. [Producers] were trying to find a reason for why he said no to me. They asked, 'Is it her looks?' He said, 'It's never her looks.' They kept listing all these things, and I guess he just fumbled under the pressure and said, 'It's her finances, and I'm not in love with her.' I'm like, 'You're not in love with me? What is happening?'"</p></div><span> Netflix</span>

10.The online reactions to AD and the choices she made on the show were hurtful, especially when the negative feedback came from other Black women.

AD in the pods

11.AD didn't feel sexualized by Clay or the cast.

AD speaking to Jimmy as Chelsea looks on

12.The public was more outraged with Clay than AD was when he said, "Okay, body" as she walked down the aisle in her wedding dress.

AD trying her wedding dress on

13.AD believes Clay did love her and she loved him.

AD and Clay taking a selfie together

14.The pod dates lasted as long as actual dates in the real world.

AD in the pods

15. Yes, AD did spend Thanksgiving with Clay's family, but that's not the whole story.

Ashley Vera /

AD confirmed she was invited to spend Thanksgiving with Clay, his mom, and the rest of his family. She brought his mom a bottle of wine. They had some innocent family fun, and then AD left to go on a date. Nothing more, nothing less.

16.AD wants the world to know Matthew Duliba is not the walking red flag everyone thinks he is.

Closeup of Matthew on "Love Is Blind"

After revealing she went on a couple of dates with him before the reunion, AD said his personality didn't really shine through on-screen. In reality, AD said Matthew is silly and really sweet.


17.AD didn't get to choose her wedding makeup artist.

AD walking down the aisle at her wedding

"There was such a makeup faux pas before my wedding. It was bad. It was bad! I specifically said I need someone who is well-versed in Black women and dark skin. They were like, 'Okay, yeah.'"

She then let out a loud, audible sigh.


18.No one is given alcohol on the show, but it is made available. It's more of a "drink at your own discretion" vibe.


19.Lastly, AD is NOT open to going on a date with Jimmy Presnell.

AD and Jimmy hugging at a group mixer

To listen to the full interview and learn more about AD, be sure to check out her Relationshit with Kamie Crawford episode.