18 People Who Were So Wrong That I Just... *Defeated Sigh*

1.Bro thinks this is Macbeth or something:

someone saying they were c-sectioned so they were never actually born
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2.This person got a series of texts from an acquaintance warning them about the emergency alert test. Thankfully, we did not all become zombies:

someone saying for everyone to turn their phones off and put them in a car because the government is going to send codes
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person saying they heard about this through telegraph and rumble
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3.Turns out, political parties have not had the exact same views and values over the US's 250-year history!

someone writing, wait til this kid find out what party ended slavery

4.Wrong in the post AND in the comments, that's impressive:

someone tries to correct a person's use of your with the wrong version
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5.Hey, I can solve the one question that scientists go to college for 12 years and work their whole life for. "How do you build a time machine?" Back to the Future... just watch it.

what is the origin of earth, the bible just read it, see i saved you 300,000 dollars and avoided 12 years of school for nothing
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6.They were so close:

someone replying to a math problem that the answer is 2
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7.When in doubt, cry-laughing emoji:

person 1 saying there must be a creator who designed space because if the sun were to move just one inch we'd be screwed, and person 2 saying the sun moves more than that every year
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8."My source is the Olympic flag, which is the definitive text on geographical divides, duh":

someone arguing that there are only 5 continents because that's what the olympic symbol has
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9."Spanking isn't corporal punishment, it's just spanking!" is the same as, "Hitting isn't hitting, it's just hitting!"

someone arguing that spanking isn't considered corporal punishment even after a definition was given
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10.It's always the people who are against singular they/them that act like they're English professors all of a sudden:

someone arguing about the use of they/them as singular and instead calling them somebody
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11.I always knew, as a young boy born in Michigan, that I was technically a Brit:

someone's reasoning behind scotland and england being the same country is that they both speak english... so another person asks, so america is part of england too?
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12.Seriously, what is with people getting super confused by the UK?

people confused that the UK is a group of countries, some saying it's not or else it'd be called a continent
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13.It is very much not like saying that:

lazio is a part of italy and italy is a part of spain, which is part of europe
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14.Ah, YouTube comments:

the earth and usa was created 2023 years ago, i doubt the shark was the first person allive
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15.Nature do be like that sometimes:

paleontology hot take, they're just rocks
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16.Best. Reader context. Ever:

tweet saying that god didn't make alcohol, it was created by fallen men, and a user added context saying, jesus turned water into wine
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17.This person really went from 0 to 100 right away:

archeology don't do shit with skeletons, paleontology does
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18.And finally... I would love to hear this person's take on tomatoes:

a berry is a berry and a fruit is a fruit
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