18 People Who Reeeeeally Could've Done A Better Job, TBH

1.In the job description: painting the road. NOT in the job description: moving palm fronds.

Paint around a tree

2.For all the cable guy knew, that hula hoop was a permanent feature.

A cable through a hula hoop

3."Listen, I'll program the error message, but I'm not gonna get too specific with it."

"Problems are found. Fix them."

4. Close enough.

Twitter: @SandiPsych

5."Eh, just re-use the old box and label."


6.Paid just enough to change the sign, but not enough to check if it makes sense.

"You helped to recycle June"

7.I wanna know who was here first: the electrician or the plumber.

Badly placed pipes

8."You said to put the shirt on the mannequin. I don't see the problem."

A shirt put on a mannequin incorrectly

9.Thanks, now if I have any issues, I know to call (transit agency phone number).

"transit agency phone number"

10."Oh, was I supposed to change that part?"

"Sample text"

11.This feels like a trap.

"Use North Crosswalk"

12."I'm here to stamp pavement, not to spell."


13."Yeah, I put the security tags on, why do you ask?"

An easily removable security tag on a drill


"So please can the box not look obvious it's party supplies"

15.Hey, color ink is expensive, ya know?

"Only these colours of hi vis jackets must only be worn in this warehouse"

16.Job says hang the sign, not proofread the sign.

"Ok I get it."

17."Yeah, I photoshopped the mattress in. No, they're not lying on it, why?"

A mattress photoshopped

18.And finally, I guess measuring wasn't in the scope of work.

A door that doesn't fit the frame

H/T: r/NotMyJob