18 Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

If you, my friend, just had an absolutely terrible week, just remember...

1.The person whose beanbag chair went absolutely nuclear:

  u/demonpixed / Via

2.The person who will be picking rice out of their keyboard until the cows come home:

  u/kyanita / Via

3.The person who had the unthinkable happen to them:

  u/Busy_Obligation_9711 / Via

4.The person who may just be the sweatiest man on Earth:

  u/bobathehut / Via

5.The person who made an enemy for life with a woodland creature today:

6.The person who was nice enough to let their little buddy get a quick brush in:

  u/billservo86 / Via

7.The person whose entire home office is now well caffeinated:

  u/supergush / Via

8.The person who made a few wrong turns in life:

9.The person whose brisket came out juuuuuust right:

  u/unholypuppetboy / Via

10.The person who also made an enemy for life with a different woodland creature:

  u/13inhiding / Via

11.The person whose computer took a tumble:

  u/pm_me_your_circuit / Via

12.The person who will rue the day he bought those tongs:

  u/roboloco51 / Via

13.The person who found their AirPods safe and sound at the dump:

14.The person whose sneezes probably register on the Richter scale: / Via u/Lluka_Bazuuka

15.The person who will replay this moment over and over in their head:

  u/cearvee_008 / Via

16.The person who was kind enough to leave their leftovers to some friendly ants:

17.The person who just got a wasp absolutely plastered:

  u/240in316is10-8to7-11 / Via

18.And the person whose water...uhhhh...yeah:

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