17 Ridiculous Posts, Questions, And Comments From Mommy Facebook Groups That Honestly Need To Be Studied By Scientists

1.This mom who is raising quite the entitled child:

"I'm not going to lie. I hope you support my bad mom decision lol"

2.This person who doesn't know the difference between genetics and plastic surgery:


3.This "very fun dad" that's willing to die on the hill that children's birthday parties must be productive to society:

"But princesses are worthless in society."

4.This person who is worried about your freezer, particularly if you've ever put your feet in the sand:

"your freezer is not cold enough to flash freeze"

5.This super spy parent:

"Please message me if you can help!"

6.This person who wants to use their partner for another kid before immediately divorcing them:

"I want a divorce. But I also want another child."

7.This parent who is worried, but not worried enough to take their kid to an actual doctor:

"I don't want to have to take her to the urgent are and go through that trauma if they are just going to tell me to just wait it out and let her poop it out."

8.This shocking suggestion:

"Just get a fake Off Etsy and fill it out."

9.This busy-body parent:

"and giving you very different treatment than the dads that she's obviously drooling over. Ughhh!"

10.This parent who seems to think medicine is evil:

"any advice that doesn't involve letting a hospital inject even worse stuff into her?"

11.This parent who probably failed high school biology:

"So I'm testing a new wacky theory, please humor me"

12.This incredibly possessive mother:

Please be kind

13.This passionate commenter:


14.This parent who wants to give their baby flavored water and juice:

"And clear Pedialyte about three times"

15.This commenter advocating for a "wild pregnancy":

"Or have a wild pregnancy!"

16.This starchy sleep-time ritual for a 13-month-old:

Try giving a small amount of cornstarch (or other starch) mixed with milk/juice during their last feed before bedtime."

17.And, this mom with a very important question:

"am i a nbad mom for letting him be up on his own while i sleep?"

H/T: r/ShitMomGroupsSay