17 Photos Of People Who Seem To Care Only About Themselves And Nobody Else

1.These customers who didn't put the shoes they tried on back where they belong:

A messy shoe store aisle
u/World-Wide-Ebb / Via reddit.com

2.This person who, for whatever reason, took up two parking spots:

A van parked wrong
u/Beavdicky / Via reddit.com

3.This person who posed the question: "Why can't the bike lane double as a running path?":

A person running in the bike lane
u/iTrask / Via reddit.com

4.These people who kept their baby strollers in front of the bike hangers of the apartment building:

Strollers in a foyer
u/kristanka007 / Via reddit.com

5.This person who built a pergola that hangs over their neighbor's yard:

A pergola reaching over someone's fence
u/papi_pizza / Via reddit.com

6.This person who refused to close their umbrella, which blocked people's view of the concert:

An umbrella blocking bystanders view of a concert
u/AkaJokerPlays / Via reddit.com

7.This person who ripped up the wedding photo on someone's locker:

A ripped wedding photo
u/Luna8tuna / Via reddit.com

8.This person who dumped their kid's salt in the sink because they considered this too little to save:

Salt in a sink
u/Staalone / Via reddit.com

9.This person who came up to their coworker and sprayed their jeans with bleach:

Bleach-stained jeans
u/RandomFishIsReborn / Via reddit.com

10.This landlord who swapped out the furniture in a furnished apartment someone had rented before they moved in:

A cot
u/SquirrelGood / Via reddit.com

11.The people who made this sandwich and sold it for full price:

A sad sandwich
u/adisa61 / Via reddit.com

12.This person who squeezed in next to this truck instead of finding another spot in the lot:

A car parked incorrectly
u/SeniorRake / Via reddit.com

13.This person who drenched the gym machine with sweat and didn't wipe it down after:

A sweaty seat in a gym
u/PhazonPhoenix5 / Via reddit.com

14.These people who didn't clean up after their gender reveal party:

Blue confetti all over the parking lot and someone's car
u/DTUOHY96 / Via reddit.com

15.This husband who never cleaned OR rinsed pans after using them:

A dirty pan
u/Ok-Alternative7556 / Via reddit.com

16.These people who put their bare feet on the back of seats at a movie theater:

People with their bare feet on the seat in a theater
u/creepyoldlurker / Via reddit.com

17.And these people who watched loud TikToks without headphones while on a three-hour train ride:

People on their phones on the train
u/cbn11 / Via reddit.com