These 17 Photos Are So Mind-Boggling That You're Gonna Have To Really Stare At Them

1.I would be so nervous to approach this driveway, seeing as it looks like a straight-up concrete wall.

photo looks like the driveway is lifted feet off the ground
u/X3FBrian / Via

2.I really had to stare at this one for a looooong time:

shadow of a window makes it look like it's levatating

Turns out it's actually a domed skylight that's lying upside-down.

u/hombrebonito / Via

3.Yep, I'd have a heart attack:

looks like there's a giant praying mantis in the yard
u/Sycoraxis / Via

4.Why would someone put up see-through dividers??? Ohhhh, it's a reflection:

bathroom urinals look like they've got a see-through partition
u/themileboy / Via

5.He's a bear now:

dog laying on a part of the blanket with the print of the bear's legs under him
u/AnyRandomRedditor / Via

6.I've never seen such a beautiful mountain range/bunch of ice on a windshield:

windshield looks like it's got a mountain landscape drawn on it
u/Bigpoppahove / Via

7.Is the chair facing the water, or facing away from it? Try to make your brain see both, it's fun:

chair in the yard looks like it's facing away from the water
u/Aldi8241 / Via

8.It's a wall? It's a floor? It's a wallfloor?

chair looks like it's on a wall and the floor
u/Petenne08 / Via

9.Never seen a car with a built-in pool table before:

reflection from the window makes it look like there's a pool table on the back of a car
u/nobodynowherex86 / Via

10.Somebody straight-up erased part of this building?? Or it's being painted the same color as the sky. But I like the eraser theory better:

side of a brick building seems to be painted the same color as the sky
u/-Jude / Via

11.This is just an incredible coincidence:

glass building has clouds reflected on it to blend with the sky
u/VacantlyDie51 / Via

12.Don't fall into the Allen wrench case — AAAAAAaaaaaaaₐₐₐₐₐₐₐ:

allen wrench case looks like it goes on forever
u/cereal_killerer / Via

13.Okay, so there's an overhang on the porch that's covering up part of the ladder, but honestly I figured the ladder was just clipping through the roof like this was a video game:

ladder looks like it's going through the roof
u/thegooseisloose369 / Via

14.Someone took increasingly larger bites out of these columns! Oops, no, it's just shadows:

shadows on the columns make it looks like bigger bites were taken from the middle
u/deleted / Via

15.Somebody, please rescue that small man from on top of that garden post:

illusion makes it looks like a guy is standing on light post
u/BeardedGlass / Via


statue of a horse creeping from the side of the building that looks like it's waving with a human hand
u/cinwald / Via

17.And finally, I refuse to accept that this is a reflection, because I want it to be a tiny aquatic corgi:

reflection makes it look like a dog is lying inside a fish tank
u/EvoConEvo8 / Via

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