17 Photos Of Celebrities At The US Open Over The Years That Might Make You Feel Old

The 2023 US Open is nearing the end. The final matches will commence over the weekend, and it's sure to be an exciting finish to an already dynamic tournament. You can see all the current scores and remaining match schedules here.

A makeshift barrier with the US Open logo
UCG / UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Outside of the actual gameplay, one of the most fun activities every year is seeing which celebrities turn out to see tennis greats battle. This year, the likes of Justin and Hailey Bieber, Barack and Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Jimmy Butler, and so many more were in attendance.

Justin Bieber lifts his arm to cheer the match as he sits next to his wife, Hailey; NBA player Jimmy Butler sits behind them
Gotham / GC Images

Just look at Barack and Michelle being all smiles:

They're smiling at each other
Jean Catuffe / GC Images

In fact, the US Open has long been a star-studded event, so here's a look back at 17 times celebs made their way to the tournament:

1.Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks in 1987:

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks hold hands as they walk outside at night
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

2.John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1991:

John F Kennedy Jr. walk as he holds a small paper basket of food and munches on a french fry; he's wearing a dress shirt, tie, and suspenders
Images Press / Getty Images

3.Barbra Streisand and her then-boyfriend Andre Agassi in 1992:

They're standing together and smiling; he's wearing a cap, Nike T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers, and she's wearing a sun hat, tank top, jogging pants, and sneakers
Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

4.Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who were married at the time, in 1993:

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise smile as they sit next to each other; they're both wearing sunglasses and she's wearing a straw sun hat
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

5.Brooke Shields and her then-boyfriend Andre Agassi in 1994:

Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi hold hands as they walk through a crowd; he's wearing a Nike cap and jacket and she's wearing sunglasses
Clive Brunskill / Allsport / Getty Images Clive Brunskill/Allsport

6.Whitney Houston in 1997:

Whitney Houston stands onstage with her arms outstretched as she performs at the US Open
Jon Levy / AFP via Getty Images

7.Britney Spears in 1999:

Britney Spears holds a giant tennis ball as she poses for a photo while wearing a long-sleeved shirt that says US Open, a matching tennis skirt, and eyeglasses
Kevin Mazur Archive / WireImage

8.Serena Williams and Lil' Bow Wow in 2001:

Serena, holding a Wilson US Open ball, smiles as she bends down to take a picture with Lil' Bow Wow, who's holding a tennis racket
Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

9.Aretha Franklin in 2002:

Aretha Franklin holding a microphone and singing on court at the US Open
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

10.Beyoncé and Jay-Z in 2003:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z sitting and smiling in the US Open stands
Mark Mainz / Getty Images

11.Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2004:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen walking down the steps to their seats; both are wearing sunglasses and jeans
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

12.Rihanna in 2005:

Rihanna smiling and pretending to serve with a giant tennis ball and a giant tennis racket in her hands
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

13.Janet Jackson in 2007:

Janet Jackson standing and applauding
Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

14.Eva Longoria in 2010:

Eva Longoria, who's wearing a hat and sunglasses, pumps her fist
Uri Schanker / WireImage

15.Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas in 2010:

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas holding microphones and performing together on the court at the US Open
Timothy A. Clary / AFP via Getty Images

16.Vanessa Hudgens and Jason Sudeikis in 2011:

Vanessa Hudgens watches a match while holding a large glass with "Moet" on it, while Jason Sudeikis stands in the suite behind her holding a tray with two more matching glasses
Uri Schanker / WireImage / Getty Images

17.Anna Wintour and Michael Jordan in 2014:

Anna Wintour smiles as she stands at her seat while Michael Jordan applauds and smiles while sitting
Stan Honda / AFP via Getty Images

Of course, this was by no means an exhaustive list. So tell us in the comments below who was your favorite star sighted at the US Open!