My Goal Is For Teachers To Giggle When They Read These 16 Tweets


My lecturer wears mask to hide his expression so students wouldn't get nervous when hes giving marks 😅😎

— Hani is Gardening (@findinghani) August 21, 2017

Twitter: @findinghani


*am 33 years old, sees my fifth-gradeteacher*me: "Oh ma’am, hi Mrs. Smith!"Mrs. Smith: "hi! you know you can callme Anne now, we're both adults!"me: "hahah absolutely not, have a nicesummer though, great to see you, Mrs.Smith!"

— Harkirat Kaur Kukreja (@HarkiratKukreja) November 16, 2021

Twitter: @HarkiratKukreja


I love asking my students how old they think I am. Half the class thinks I'm 21 and the other half thinks I'm 153.

— James Mitchell (@uNnoTic3d1) September 11, 2022

Twitter: @uNnoTic3d1


me trying to decipher mystudent's handwriting

— James mbaya (@Jamesmbaya20) July 3, 2023

Twitter: @Jamesmbaya20


“What did you gain from this class?” was an evaluation question suggested to my students. To which one replied: “This class taught me how to make the best of a bad situation.”

— PaulAngeloVitello (@paul_vitello) January 10, 2020

Twitter: @paul_vitello


Ok. Here’s a new one. I’ve never had to say this before. Here’s the actual conversation. Me: Please stop licking the wall. 6-year-old: But I like it. Me: But you’re allergic to walls. #ADayIn1stGrade #TeacherLife #CantMakeThisUp

— Mrs Kee (@mrskee1) September 27, 2022

Twitter: @mrskee1


I miss being at school complaining about being at school.

— Tim Finesse 🤴🏾 (@TimFinesse) April 9, 2020

Twitter: @TimFinesse


Teacher: the lowest grade was a 34 me:

— charity (@charitdanae) October 6, 2018

Twitter: @charitdanae


I like to keep a corner of my classroom as a safe place for crying or tantrums. Now I just have to make a spot for the kids too

— Katie D (@KatieDeal99) August 18, 2022

Twitter: @KatieDeal99


Idea: We replace the SATs with one nationwide game of Kahoot

— Brian (@BeverlyHillsCEO) October 8, 2017

Twitter: @BeverlyHillsCEO


Yesterday I asked my kindergartener what she did in school and she said "nothing," then later I went on Instagram and her teacher had posted a picture of her holding a crocodile.

— Kristen Mulrooney (@missmulrooney) April 14, 2023

Twitter: @missmulrooney


Teachers, many of you have posted that I could come to you for help. Thank you! I’m trying to figure out the perfect home school schedule and I need advice. What time should I pencil in my first martini, is it usually before or after morning snack?

— Lurkin' Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) March 17, 2020

Twitter: @LurkAtHomeMom


Why are maths teachers never sick and English teachers always pregnant

— TYRIQUE | CHEF 4 BARBZ (@CHEF4BARBZ) August 17, 2020

Twitter: @CHEF4BARBZ


100 level course prof: Attendance is mandatory, no phones allowed, 12 hours of homework/week, also we have 5 exams and one is in 9 days500 level course prof: I illegally downloaded the texbook, I'll send you the link. text me if you need anything. Do you guys wanna go kayaking?

— semi-metal alchemist (@plantbboi) August 27, 2018

Twitter: @plantbboi


my mom has trained her unruly 5th grade class to respond to “hear ye hear ye” with “all hail the queen” followed by immediate silencei’m both appalled and impressed

— george (@georjayykat) May 3, 2019

Twitter: @georjayykat


83% of teaching is saying, “Listen carefully because I am not going to repeat this,” just before repeating yourself 12 times.

— Bored Teachers (@Bored_Teachers) October 26, 2021

Twitter: @Bored_Teachers