Prepare To Be Disturbed: These 16 Real-Life Photos Are Completely Unsettling

Every morning when I open my eyes, I prepare myself for all the possible horrors I'll see in the coming day.

Bill Murray suddenly rising from sleep
Columbia Pictures

If you're one of ~those people~ as well, here are 16 photos that'll validate your daily fears and anxieties (sorry):

1."What my Pre-K son brought home from school today":

"Run Hide Fight"

2."This smiling dog."

A dog smiling

3."The kind of accidents these stairs could cause in the future..."

very narrow stairs

4."An iris growing over a pupil."

Closeup of someone's eye

5."'Human feet' on a language learning app."

Closeup of someone's feet

6."This 'carnival ride' in Mexico."

People hanging on ropes

7."The actual size of traffic lights."

Traffic lights

8."This snack is looking at me."

Closeup of snacks

9."Roach infestation."

A bunch of roaches on the floor

10."We can simply scroll into years we'll definitely be dead in on our phones."

"August 7, 2555"

11."This vacant unit next to the studio I'm recording in."

A scary, empty room

12."My single serve coffee machine was not making a full cup, and was spitting water everywhere. I assumed there was a clog, so I cleaned it. I did not expect this to be the cause."

A wet bug

13."This chair for children at my local McDonald's."

A creepy smiling chair

14."Avoid the garden after dark."

A flower that looks like it's smiling

15."The reflection of this statue."

A statue's reflection in the mirror

16.And finally, "This rabbit having dental work creeped me out."

A rabbit getting dental work