Fans Are Sharing Which Celeb Meet-And-Greets Felt Like A Waste Of Time And Money And Which Were Actually Worth It

Recently, I rounded up stories from fans who won celebrity meet-and-greets. In the comments, members of the BuzzFeed Community shared their own similar stories. Others who bought meet-and-greet tickets also chimed in.

Here are 15 of their best responses:

Disclaimer: These stories have not been verified. The users are supposedly speaking from their own experiences.

1."In 2015, I was a grand prize winner for 'Share a Coke with Taylor' and met Taylor Swift. For the contest, you had to upload a Coke bottle with Taylor's name on it to Twitter, which my wife (a diehard Swiftie) already had. We both entered, and I was the lucky winner! We were flown to Nashville for a meet-and-greet during the 1989 Tour, and we were provided a nice hotel and spending money for the trip. The pre-show meet was only about a minute. We talked for a bit, and my wife got to show Taylor her tattooed lyrics from one of her songs. Taylor was super sweet and kept talking, even when her team was trying to rush us out."

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"We got a picture together and a signed photo from her, and then we got to see the show! It was an amazing experience and a great weekend we'll never forget."


2."I got to meet Sabrina Carpenter on her Singular Tour in 2018 (VIP tickets for her in 2019 were weirdly not very expensive and were the first ones on sale). My social anxiety that I have largely recovered from decided to come back in the moment, but she was sweet and said I looked great and complimented my outfit."

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"We had our pic taken. Even though she was likely just being friendly, I will never forget that my ultimate celeb crush (and queer awakening) literally complimented my looks."


3."I met Troye Sivan backstage at the opening night of his Bloom Tour in 2018. I took my 10-year-old son (his first concert!), and we grooved in the really laidback space in Grapevine. There were assistants going around and giving out a few backstage passes, and my son and I (easily the youngest and oldest fans, respectively, there, LOL) got one. Troye was super sweet and smelled amazing. He gave us both big hugs."

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"We got to meet his parents and his dog, too!"


4."I won a radio contest to go see Kelly Clarkson in an exclusive concert on The Voice stage and a meet-and-greet afterwards. She was exactly how you think she would be — very personable and talkative."

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"There was a line of us who went a few at a time to get a picture and a quick hello. Someone walked in the room and noticed all of the furniture but didn't see Kelly. The person said, rather loudly, 'Does Kelly Clarkson live here?' Kelly heard and answered, 'Yes, welcome to my living room.'  When we got up there to get a picture, she shook our hands and told my mom she saw her dancing in the audience. We told her we were from Texas, which she was excited to hear. She is a very kind person."


5."A guy my dad worked with won tickets for a boy band that was making waves on the radio (how he worded it to my dad), and he had an extra ticket for that night. He asked my dad if I would want to go with him and his daughter, but my dad said no, figuring I wouldn't like them. Turns out it was a CD launch party for NSYNC."

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"I found out a few days later when my dad showed me a picture of his coworker's daughter and a young Justin Timberlake."


6."I met New Kids on the Block, and it was so disappointing. 30 years of listening to their music, and one interaction just totally ruined it. Danny was rude, Donnie only wanted to talk to the blonde in front of me who resembled his wife, and Joey legit didn’t even look at me."

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"He was like, 'Yea, hi, see ya.' The saving grace was that Jon was SO NICE, and Jordan literally looked like an angel, like so handsome in person that I couldn't even look at him. Other than that, I wish I didn't meet them."


7."Back in the early '00s, I was a HUGE fan of Clay Aiken (from Season 2 of American Idol), and I belonged to his fan club. During one of his tours, his team had meet-and-greets at every show, and 8-10 fans were selected from a contest. I won one! I remember that I gave him a Buffalo, NY-themed shirt and cinnamon gum (because he’s allergic to mint). He's not super outgoing, but he enjoyed hearing our questions for him."

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"And [he] was very sweet."


8."We won a contest to go bowling with Mandy Moore back in the 'Candy' days. There were a bunch of us, so we played NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys fans. She got a laugh out of that. She was super sweet."


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9."My brother argued with Alton Brown about salt [at a meet-and-greet]."


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10."Years ago, before they were playing arenas, I got tickets to see Fall Out Boy through their fan club. We got to the venue to pick them up, and they gave me and my mom VIP wristbands and told us to go to a different entrance. I was confused because we'd only gotten regular tickets. Turns out, some fan club purchases got upgraded and got to meet the band. 14-year-old me was on Cloud Nine!"

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"We also got a photo, but the security guard who took it didn't tell me when he was taking it, so I look like a sad emo kid. But it's still one of my favorite pics ever."


11."I won a meet-and-greet with Jennie Garth by playing Beverly Hills, 90210 trivia on the radio. She seems nice. I asked her about Luke Perry."


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12."I met the band Shinedown at a VIP meet-and-greet. They're truly awesome guys. We talked for almost 10 mins, and we got a picture."

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"The lead singer, Brent Smith, gave me a beanie."


13."I won a radio contest and got VIP tickets and a meet-and-greet with Buckcherry. I took my sister with me. We were under the impression that we'd get to hang out with the band for a while before the show. Nope. They were late showing up and waited until the last minute to get to the line for the other meet-and-greets. We took a picture with them, and that was it."

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"The lead singer was kind of a dick, and you could tell he didn't want to be there. Whatever. We had fun during the concert though."


14."My dad used to call into radio stations to try and win tickets, and one day he called in and won! The only thing is that he didn't know what tickets he was playing for. Turns out, it was for the Spice Girls! He ended up giving the tickets away to my babysitter and her daughter because I was only a toddler at the time. I will forever be mad at him for that."


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15.And finally: "My daughter got to meet Charlie Puth a while back at her school. One of the girls' parents had bought tickets to his concert in town, but they ended up being fake. Charlie was doing a radio interview the morning of the show, and the DJs told him about her misfortune. He had his people contact the school and see if he could swing by and do an impromptu mini acoustic concert for her class. They pulled the kids into the auditorium, and none of them knew what was going on until he came out on stage. He played three songs and chatted with all the kids for a bit. It was SUPER nice of him to do all that (especially last minute), and the kids will never forget it."

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"Also, he gave the girl and her family tickets to the concert that night."


If you've ever bought or won celebrity meet-and-greet tickets, who did you meet and what were they like? Share your stories in the comments!

Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.