15 biggest bombshells revealed during “Love Is Blind” season 6 reunion

From all those cheating scandals to shocking rekindled relationships, here's everything that went down during the reunion special.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion.

The finale only came out last week, but it's been almost a full year since the Love Is Blind season 6 couples walked down the aisle. So it's time to find out what they've been up to since then, who is still together, and what really happened with Trevor's rumored girlfriend.

Below, EW rounds up all the biggest bombshells revealed during the season 6 reunion, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey.



Baby fever

We learn nine out of the 11 couples who got married on Love Is Blind are still together, and there are a few more success stories not captured on camera. Season 1 cast member Giannina reveals she's expecting a baby boy with her partner Blake (from The Bachelorette), which is why she turned down an invitation to go on Netflix's Perfect Match. Meanwhile Zack and Bliss are expecting a baby girl, and Alexa and Brennon are also five months pregnant. Plus, Chelsea reveals she now works on casting for Love Is Blind, which allows her and Kwame to travel more.

Perfect Matches

Season 6's Jess plus Micah and Izzy from past seasons reveal they'll all be on the next season of Perfect Match, premiering this summer. Plus, Micah reveals she and Jess have actually become best friends in real life.

Say cheese!

As for this season's only married couple, Johnny and Amy reveal that not only are they still happily together, their families have gotten even closer too — with a questionable JCPenney photoshoot shown as evidence. They also reveal they still haven't had a fight, because they just talk through everything together. This season's only unproblematic success story!

Pick me, choose me, love me

Yes, the internet theories are true: Jeramey and Sarah Ann did get together immediately after that jet ski ride, and they're still together today (they actually live together now). Jeramey still claims nothing happened the night he was out with Sarah Ann and that he had nothing to hide, which is why he shared his location with Laura. Jeramey and Laura fight about how the rest of the night and morning went after his lie, and Sarah Ann calls Laura a "pick me girl." Jess comes to Laura's defense, saying that Sarah Ann had her moment and it all worked out like she wanted. It's clear none of the women support Sarah Ann's actions.

A no surprise surprise

Both Laura and Sarah Ann confirm that Jeramey was honest about his prior engagement while dating in the pods. It wasn't a surprise to them when his ex revealed that on social media.

Null and void

We see footage from the lake party where Sarah Ann apologized to Laura for sending the DM to Jeramey, and Laura tried to warn Sarah Ann that Jeramey doesn't mean what he says because he constantly threw Sarah Ann under the bus to Laura all the time. But AD thinks Sarah Ann's apology to Laura is "null and void" because Sarah Ann still pursued Jeramey and is with him now. Sarah Ann confirms she's not friends with any of the women, and Chelsea exposes her for still friending all the men. Chelsea also reveals that Sarah Ann and Jeramey were "broken up" every time she saw them in the real world, and Jeramey confirms they had their "ups and downs" but moved in together after those fights. Sarah Ann says Jeramey shares his location with her willingly.

Not too late to apologize

Both Sarah Ann and Jeramey apologize publicly to Laura, and she says that's what she was waiting a whole year to hear.

A secret someone

Laura is dating someone right now, but doesn't share details about who it is.

Mullets are out

Finally it's time to get the truth about Trevor! He was waiting backstage for the first half hour and when he's finally brought out, his texts that he sent to his girlfriend before and after the pods are shown onscreen and read aloud by Nick, proving that he did have a girlfriend and was pretending the whole time he was on the show. Trevor pauses a long time before owning up to it, and says he was not officially dating her before the show, but they were together. He says she was his typical type so that's why he wanted to go on the show to see what else he could find — and that she knew that's how he felt. He says he wanted to fully trust in the process but doesn't have an explanation for how it all turned out. He says if Chelsea picked him, he would have been with Chelsea in the real world because he and his girlfriend are "toxic," and he needs therapy. Chelsea says she's not here to grill him but she always had an intuition for why she shouldn't pick him, and now she knows why. He admits he came on the show for "good and bad reasons," but says it wasn't about being on TV. Nick says that people shouldn't come on the show for money and fame, because this experiment is real and works. People who come with ulterior motives will get called out, and since Trevor asked to leave the reunion, Nick tells him to go.

Clay all day

AD reveals a lot of weeks went by before she and Clay spoke again after the wedding, and Clay was the one reaching out to her. Clay admits he felt like the "biggest dick" watching the season back and seeing how excited AD was to marry him, knowing that he wasted her time. Clay calls AD the love of his life and admits he made a mistake saying no to her at the altar. AD doesn't answer if she would date him again, but he says he would date her "a thousand percent." But AD tells him that he had his chance, and she thinks he knew he didn't want to get married from the start. He says he's been in therapy since filming ended and he thinks he's ready for marriage now in the way he wasn't during the finale. He also says that watching Brett on season 4 made him realize he wasn't ready to be a good husband to AD.

New pals

In a shocking turn of events, Jess and Chelsea call each other "best friend" now. Jess' daughter Autumn even calls Chelsea "Aunt Chelsea." Jess also reveals she let Autumn watch the show and it was the first time she had seen her mom cry.

Big regrets

Jimmy says his friend is "pissed" that their past relationship came out on TV when Chelsea aired out his secret on camera. Chelsea apologized to Jimmy in the past and she does it again during the reunion. They both regret that entire fight, but Jimmy says it really is the reason why they broke up and he should have ended things immediately after that rather than continue to try dating.


Jimmy says he followed everyone on social media when he got his phone back, but then he withdrew the request he sent to Jess because he felt weird about it. Jess says she thought Jimmy was her friend after the lake party but an interview he did recently "infuriated" her because it felt like he was lying and throwing her under the bus about how she stormed out early from their final date. She says she walked out after an hour and a half, but he said it was 10 minutes. Jess asks for receipts and producers reveal that an hour and 23 minutes into the final date, they both agreed to take a break, and then they came back. Then, 50 minutes later she suggests they end the date because it feels "forced" and she wants him to make the right decision for him, and he thanks her for it. She leaves after 2 hours and 13 minutes, but only because they both agreed to end the date there. She was right!

Just friends

Kenneth says he had a lot of work to catch up on after the pods and that's why he was on his phone so much. As of today, Brittany and Kenneth talk every day and are still extremely close as friends, but they are not in a relationship together. They also know whenever one of them starts dating someone, they have to be respectful to that significant other about their close bond.

The book of Matthew

Vanessa reveals that Matthew was invited to attend the reunion but declined. Footage is then shown of Matthew saying the same things to Amber and AD, and AD is shocked and validated. But AD says she and Matthew did meet up in the real world, and they actually went on a "two-ish" dates (which Clay reveals AD had previously told him about). On the first date, Matthew apologized to AD for what happened on the show, and they went on a second date where he cooked her dinner. But she says they live two completely different lives and want different things so it just fizzled out.

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