14-year-old makes Aussie football history

Ymer Abili becomes youngest player to ever feature in the Australia Cup (Source: Channel 10)

Video transcript

- For these young men. The crowd are on their feet for him.

- Lewis Italiano with a smile.



- He's so eager to it on there.

- You've got to wait. You've got to wait. We'll have to check, but I suspect this is the youngest ever player to play in a semi finals.

- A moment that will live with him for the rest of his life. What a moment.

- The man next to me didn't let any end it all over. Pretty happy with the performance you have come on earlier.

YMER ABILI: I don't know. Chris Taylor's cool. Not mine.

- When did you know that you were going to come on? Was it planned or just towards the end?

YMER ABILI: Oh no. I think it was final 85th minute, I think. As soon as I warm up, I was buzzing. So happy.