14 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Kat announces surprise wedding plans as Phil hides another secret.

Meanwhile, Emma is back, and Denise is out to dig up dirt on Ravi.

Here's a full collection of the 14 biggest moments coming up:

1. Kat makes some shock discoveries

kat moon, eastenders

Kat confronts her fiancé Phil about keeping family secrets from her.

Kat is left reeling when Phil accidentally lets slip that her ex-husband Alfie is awaiting hospital test results and could have prostate cancer.

2. Lily struggles with her new responsibilities

lily slater, jean slater, eastenders

Stacey reluctantly leaves her teenage daughter Lily to look after baby daughter Charli alone.

Disaster strikes when Lily and Ricky are later caught acting irresponsibly with their child by Jack.

3. Emma is back

eastenders, emma

Jay is angry when Lola’s estranged mum Emma returns to Albert Square.

Jay discovers that Lexi has been texting Emma for weeks and that Lexi is really worried about him.

Jay throws Emma out, but Callum pleads with Jay to listen for Lexi's sake. Emma later asks for another sit-down tomorrow.

4. Whitney and Zack make a big decision

zack hudson, whitney dean, eastenders

Whitney discovers that she and boyfriend Zack need to find their own place to live before they can apply to foster a child.

Chelsea is palpably upset by their plans, but Ravi has a solution to that...

5. Kat refuses to forgive Phil

zack hudson, whitney dean, eastenders

Phil tries to kiss and make-up with Kat after their argument.

Unfortunately, Kat is not in a forgiving mood and freezes Phil out.

Phil then storms off to Peggy’s to be alone, but bumps into Emma, who has had a challenging day as well.

6. Denise confronts Chelsea over Ravi

denise fox, chelsea fox, ravi gulati, eastenders

Chelsea faces a dilemma when boyfriend Ravi suggests they could move in together.

Denise is horrified by the news that her ex-lover Ravi is getting closer and closer to her daughter.

Denise later warns Ravi that Chelsea will see through him eventually.

7. Jay struggles over Emma

jay mitchell, callum highway, lexi mitchell, eastenders

Ben is furious upon hearing about Emma's return and bans her from seeing Lexi.

Kathy counsels Jay to put Lexi's feelings first, and Jay is devastated when Emma shows him the anguished messages Lexi has been sending her.

Jay promises to speak to Ben about letting Emma see Lexi.

8. Jean worries about Stacey and Lily

lily slater, stacey slater, jean slater, eastenders

Stacey tries to pretend everything is fine at the Slater house in a bid to fool Lily’s visiting social worker.

Worried, Jean steps in with some words of advice for heavy-handed Stacey, urging her to let Lily make her own mistakes. But will Stacey listen?

9. Denise steals Ravi’s computer

denise fox, nugget, vinny panesar, ravi gulati, eastenders

Chelsea arranges a family gathering to celebrate the news she is moving in with boyfriend Ravi.

However, Denise is determined to dig up some dirt that will expose Ravi, and steals the bad boy’s laptop.

10. Ben makes a decision

ben mitchell, eastenders

Emma continues to push for access to Lexi, which Jay eventually allows.

During an emotional chat, Emma promises never to leave Lexi again, but Ben soon destroys her hopes and insists it isn't going to happen.

11. Kat makes a big announcement

phil mitchell, kat moon, linda carter, eastenders

After a heart-to-heart with Phil about honesty, Kat decides to seize the moment and makes a booking at the registry office.

In the Vic, Kat announces her last-minute plan to marry Phil next week.

12. Keanu gets shock news

keanu taylor, eastenders

Keanu is furious when he receives an injunction from Lisa’s solicitor.

She is determined to stop the mechanic from seeing his young daughter, Peggy.

13. Sharon faces an exit decision

sharon watts, phil mitchell, eastenders

Sharon is intrigued when a boxing promoter tells her all about the great work and lifestyle opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

Sharon is clearly tempted by the idea, but will she really consider leaving Walford?

14. Stacey gets a new shock

stacey slater and lily slater, eastenders

Stacey admits she’s become overprotective of her daughter Lily after what happened with stalker Theo.

Jean reminds her that Theo has gone and Lily is the one who must protect Charli now.

However, just when Stacey is starting to put that nightmare behind her, she makes another shocking discovery.

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