14 Celebrities Who Got So Irritated Mid-Interview That They Literally Dropped The Mic And Left

If there's one thing I love, it's a dramatic exit. Here are 14 celebrities who were sooo not okay with the questions being asked in an interview that they stormed off mid-conversation:


interviewer asking about Rihanna's personal life and then saying, that's where our interview abruptly ended

Riri was in an interview to discuss her acting debut in Battleship when the interviewer asked how it feels to be romantically linked to Hollywood stars. After that, she was no longer interested in interviewing and cut the conversation short. This type of question is unfortunately so typical for any celebrity that also happens to be a woman, because no matter how interesting or talented she may be, all anyone seems to care about is who she's dating. She wanted to talk about her work in the movie, but of course, she got hit with an irrelevant question about relationships.

Sunrise / Via youtube.com

2.Paris Hilton

paris and an interviewer talking while paris looks more annoyed

Paris Hilton walked out after being asked, "Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?" This interview follows a pretty common theme throughout this list. It seems to me like some interviewers try to irritate and elicit emotion from the celebrity, and then seem shocked when they successfully push their buttons and the celeb walks off. Paris was so annoyed after a series of rude questions and walked out of an interview in her own house.

ABC / Via youtube.com

3.Taylor Swift

taylor on stage with her guitar

Taylor Swift had a phone interview on a radio talk show shortly after the whole Kanye interruption at the VMAs debacle. She had way more going on at the time than just being disrespected by a man — "You Belong With Me" had just reached number one on the charts — but the host of the radio show decided to be yet another man to disrespect her. He asked her three times in a row to talk about the VMAs, and when she politely declined, he continued to hound her. After saying explicitly, "I really would appreciate it if we could talk about something else because I've asked you three times and you keep asking me about it," He asked again. Taylor stepped away from the phone, and her publicist got on the line to say that they weren't okay with this question and quickly ended the interview altogether.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

4.Gordon Ramsay

This seemed like a lighthearted interaction between the hosts and Gordon Ramsay, but he definitely walked out of that interview nonetheless so this interaction belongs on the list. The host asked Gordon if he had gotten Botox while in the US, and this made Gordon laugh as he asked,

This seemed like a lighthearted interaction between the hosts and Gordon Ramsay, but he definitely walked out of that interview nonetheless so this interaction belongs on the list. The host asked Gordon if he had gotten Botox while in the US, and this made Gordon laugh as he asked, "Are you stupid?" which is actually pretty nice for his standards.

Today / Via youtube.com

The chef I know will fully curse you out over undercooked risotto, so seeing him laugh along with the reporters and stepping away from the interview seemed a lot nicer than I'm used to, even with the walk off.

him in the kitchen saying what a fucking disgrace
FOX / Via giphy.com

5.Kanye West

the interview on a news channel

I definitely agree that Kanye West's antisemitic tweets were wrong and he should be called out even if that means I have to *shudder* agree with Piers Morgan about something. I never thought that day would come. Honestly, this was a really strange interview altogether and not much of it made sense. It mainly consisted of Piers and Kanye speaking over each other, so I wasn't surprised at all when Kanye left. At one point, Piers interrupted Kanye and Kanye called him "boy." "Don't call me boy!" Piers responded, boyishly.

Piers Morgan Uncensored / Via youtube.com

6.Adam Driver

closeup of him

Adam Driver does NOT like to watch (or even hear) recordings of himself acting. He can't stand it so much that he walked out of an interview with NPR when they played sound clips of his scenes from his 2020 film, Marriage Story. Honestly...I kinda get him. Is there any cringe quite so strong as the cringe of listening to a recording of your own voice?

Anthony Harvey / FilmMagic

7.LeBron James

lebron and an interview in the press room

I don't know much about sports, but I DO know drama — and this little interaction is full of it. So, the tea is that LeBron James and his teammate weren't in sync during the sports game and this led to them losing to the other team. During this interview, the reporter asked LeBron repeatedly what his teammate was thinking as if he could magically read his mind. LeBron kept shutting down the question because he's literally not psychic, but the reporter kept pestering him like he's the That's So Raven of basketball. After LeBron was asked the same question five times in a row, he chose to walk out. I have to say that the drama of the exit itself is a work of art.

ESPN / Via youtube.com

The slow-motion walkout, accompanied by 21 full seconds of complete silence, LeBron putting on his sunnies and grabbing his bag while strutting away. I am living and breathing for the drama here. This could be a scene from any season of The Real Housewives.

lebron walking off
ESPN / Via youtube.com

8.Joan Rivers

the interview on tv

Okay, I'd be lying if I didn't say that it felt like the interviewer was trying to get a rise out of Joan Rivers throughout the conversation by calling her mean. Joan confidently said that she's "not mean, she speaks the truth" and continued to respond to her questions but looked progressively more annoyed with each one. Once the interviewer mentioned Joan Rivers wearing fur on her book cover, she responded, "Are you wearing leather shoes?" The reporter said yes, and Joan told her to "shut up" before cutting the interview short and walking right out.

CNN / Via youtube.com

9.Angela White, aka Blac Chyna

her walking out of the interview

From the very moment Angela sat down for the interview, I could sense that she just wasn't vibing with the interviewer and his choice of questions. She was there to promote her music, so when he asked questions digging into her past relationships, she shut them down. She told him, "If something is in the past — leave it there. Focus on what's going on right now. Stop trying to bring up things from the past." When he ignored this and asked yet another question about an ex — she decided to walk out.

No Jumper / Via youtube.com

10.Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly

MGK walking out

Machine Gun Kelly got emotional during an interview while talking about his daughter. He explained how being a father inspires him as an artist and that some fans describe him as "soft" for his relationship with his daughter. He got prettyyy heated about the subject, decided to stop defending himself over the topic, and exited after saying his "music can speak for itself." Umm, let me just say that any "fan" who sends hate to a celeb for taking care of their child is not a true fan.

Billboard / Via youtube.com

11.Russell Crowe

him speaking at a podium

During an interview with BBC about his role in the 2010 film, Robin Hood, Russell Crowe left abruptly after the host said his accent in the film had "hints of Irish." Russell sounded immediately peeved about this and replied, "You've got dead ears if you think that's Irish." He stormed out of the interview shortly after. This is just my take because I still have personal beef with Russell over a different movie he was in 10 years ago, but he's definitely the one who has "dead ears" based on his singing in Les Misérables. Listen to his heinous rendition of "Stars" and just try to tell me I'm wrong. You can't.

Axelle / FilmMagic

12.50 Cent

50 cent removing his mic and walking out of the interview

"In Da Club" rapper, 50 Cent, walked out of an interview after being asked about something that allegedly occurred in da club. 50 Cent and fellow rapper, French Montana, have consistently beefed on Twitter for years and 50 Cent even said in a previous interview that French Montana made a bad investment when he purchased a Bugatti. These rich people problems aside, 50 Cent drew the line when a rumor about them getting into an altercation at a nightclub was brought up. He asked the interviewer as he exited, "Why would I do a thing like that?"

Complex / Via youtube.com

13.Cameron Diaz

closeup of her

Cameron Diaz was on a radio show in an interview that was cut short quickly after the host made a disrespectful comment about her Charlie's Angels costar and America's sweetheart, Drew Barrymore. According to US magazine, the host said Drew Barrymore's "drug years" were a "great thing to watch, but not so good to be in." To make matters worse, the host then made a crack about Cameron's husband, Benji Madden, as well. After that, she decided not to take any more disrespect and opted to leave.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

14.Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar

the two women walking out of the view interview

Why Bill O'Reilly was a guest on The View in the first place, I couldn't say. But I can confirm that once he was there, he began spewing hateful rhetoric that made co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar decide that walking off set of their own show was a better option than listening to him say another word.

ABC / Via youtube.com

Ah yes, the drama of it all. It's honestly such a guilty pleasure to watch celebrities stand up to interviewers who disrespect them, or to see interviewers call out celebrities who deserve it. What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite celeb walkout moment that didn't make it on this list? Let us know in the comments!