13 Times Celebs Acted Reallllly Privileged, Spoiled, Or Demanding

It's no secret that celebrities can be pretty out-of-touch. Sometimes, however, they take it a little bit too far and seemingly forget that they're still human — and so are the people who work for them.

Here are 13 times celebs refused to do basic things for themselves or just acted really privileged:

1.In 2024, Khristianne Uy, aka Chef K, the Kardashian-Jenners' longtime private chef, told Page Six that, sometimes, before she can go home after a 21-hour shift, they'll ask her to make a grilled cheese.

  David Crotty / Getty Images, Jason Merritt / Getty Images
David Crotty / Getty Images, Jason Merritt / Getty Images

She said, "Sometimes they’re like, ‘Ah, chef, you’ve been here 21 hours, but can you whip up another late-night snack?’ Actually, I started making that for them throughout the holidays, just a last-minute thing."

2.At the 2022 Kentucky Derby, Jack Harlow didn't want to get his shoes dirty, so he had a pair of men, who seemed to be his security guards, carry him over the track.

  Kentucky Derby / Via
Kentucky Derby / Via

Here's the full clip, shared by the Ketucky Derby account:

3.In 2022, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber were photographed illegally taking the accessible parking spots outside their pilates studio so they could be close to the door. Their security guards reportedly moved their cars after the models got inside and put them back before class ended on most days. This went on for weeks.

  Bellocqimages / GC Images / Via Getty
Bellocqimages / GC Images / Via Getty

On days security didn't move the cars, they reportedly waited nearby to move them, should the need arise.

According to TMZ, the studio owner asked the models to park there because of the paparazzi, but the owner actually didn't have that jurisdiction because the parking lot is shared by all of the businesses surrounding it.

4.In 2013, Lady Gaga was sued by her former friend-turned-assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, who alleged that, while on tour, she wasn't allowed to have her own hotel room and often had to share a bed with the singer in case she needed something in the night. Jennifer also testified that, if Lady Gaga grew tired of the movie she was watching in the middle of the night, she'd wake her up to change the DVD.

closeup of lady gaga
David Livingston / WireImage / Via Getty

Jennifer also claimed that she was sometimes responsible for handling Lady Gaga's phone calls, email, 20+ pieces of luggage, and more.

Eventually, the lawsuit was settled out of court.

5.When Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, and his family relocated to Japan — a move that had been delayed by 2.5 years due to COVID-19 — he charted a private jet. In a YouTube video, he said, "We're flying [in a] private jet because my dog is too fat."

him and his dog sitting in the jet
PewDiePie / Via

The pugs, Maya and Edgar, were unable to fly in the cargo hold of a commercial plane because of their breathing issues, and Edgar was above the weight limit to fly in the cabin.

6.In 2019, rather than simply sweeping, The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Alexis Bellino called out her housekeepers on Instagram, writing, "When your couch accidentally disconnects and you realize your maids aren’t doing deep cleaning. Found 2 socks too."

  Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images
Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images

Following backlash, she claimed it was a "joke."

In a follow-up post, she said, "To All: I can and WILL post whatever I want on my [Instagram]. My maids are well paid for and I love them. It was a joke. Get over yourselves, stop trolling, find happiness and please unfollow me ASAP as I’m not looking for any of your approval on my [Instagram] and I DON’T need followers."

7.When Cher was hanging out with Kathy Griffin, the comedian got hungry and suggested they order pizza. Cher jokingly replied, "How do you order a pizza? I'm Cher! I don't know how to order a fucking pizza!" Kathy, however, didn't know how to order a pizza either.

kathy and cher at an event
Lester Cohen / WireImage / Via Getty

In a comedy special, Kathy said, "If you think I've ordered my own pizza in the last 10 years, oh no! I have not ordered my own pizza since Suddenly Susan Season 2, 'The Camping Episode.'"

8.On an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sophia Umansky, Kyle Richards's daughter, was confused at the prospect of cleaning her own toilet when she moved into college.

she walks in with her parents saying, why do i have to clean the toilet, it flushes itself

9.During a 2018 appearance on Ellen, Cardi B said, "I think I want, like, a Lamborghini truck...I need, like, a baby car, even though I don't drive...I am a professional passenger." When the host questioned why she doesn't have a drivers license, Cardi replied, "I'm from New York..."

cardi singing on stage
Thaddaeus Mcadams / Getty Images

Then, Ellen pointed out that Cardi is from the Bronx, where people do drive.

Cardi answered, "You know, I was so used to taking the train, that I was like, 'Why I need a car for?'"

Ellen said, "And now you've surpassed all that, and you have people that drive you around, so you don't need your license at all...But that's not the smoothest riding car."

Cardi said, "It's pretty."

At the time, Cardi actually owned over $1,000,000 worth of cars, including a Bentley Bentayga, a Mercedes Maybach, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Lamborghini Urus, and a Chevy Suburban. On The Late Late Show With James Corden, the host asked her why she had so many cars she can't drive, and she replied, "To take pictures with."

  CBS / Via
CBS / Via

10.When playing Christy Brown, an artist who had cerebral palsy and could only move one foot, in My Left Foot, Daniel Day-Lewis took the method acting route. He reportedly required crew members to lift him, spoon-feed him, and push him around in a wheelchair he didn't need.

  Miramax Films/ Courtesy: Everett Collection
Miramax Films/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

Spending weeks using a wheelchair reportedly caused damage to two of his ribs as well.

11.In a since-deleted video she posted in 2018, makeup influencer Sondos al-Qattan complained about laws that had recently been passed in Kuwait, where she's based, to protect domestic help employees. She said, "For people who want to go get a Filipino domestic worker, what are these ridiculous work contracts you've got to sign? But how can you have a servant in your house who gets to keep their passport with them? Where are we living? If they ran away and went back to their country, who'll refund me? Even worse is that they get a day off every single week! What's left?"

She continued, "Honestly, with this new contract, I just wouldn't get a Filipino maid. She'd only work six days a week and get four days off a month."

In a follow-up video, she stood by her previous comments and said she was glad her first post went viral because "maybe that will help her as an employer get more rights."

In an additional Instagram post, she said that she doesn't believe employers should be allowed to hold their employees' passports.

12.Every year, Jeff Bezos's Seattle neighborhood — where he owns four properties — holds a Cleanup Day, where they come together to pick up trash and plant things. One neighbor told Business Insider, "I've seen a billionaire pick up trash on Cleanup Day. Not Jeff Bezos."

  Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images
Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

Other neighbors alleged that he never attended any of their neighborhood events or fundraisers, though he did donate to Bellevue Lifespring, the local youth charity the neighborhood hosts a fundraiser to support.

13.And finally, in 2003, Bono forgot his favorite trilby hat when he traveled from London to Modena for a charity concert, so he reportedly spent around $1,500 to have it flown to him.

closeup of him in a suit on the red carpet
Tristar Media / WireImage / Via Getty

He reportedly spent $150 on the hat's taxi ride to the airport, $663 for it to ride in the plane's cockpit so it wouldn't get crushed by other people, $225 on its taxi fare to him, and an additional $300 on tips and insurance.