13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

In next week's Coronation Street, Cassie falls back into dangerous old habits and suffers a drug overdose, while Lauren gets arrested for vandalising the salon.

Elsewhere, Henry has a life-changing proposition for Gemma, and Daisy warns Jenny not to trust scheming Stephen.

Here's a look at the 13 big moments coming up.

1. Abi recognises a face from her past

abi webster, cassie plummer, coronation street

It's Cassie's first day at the garage, and grateful Tyrone thanks Kevin for giving his mum a chance.

Things are off to a promising start as Cassie gets to work sweeping the forecourt, but then Dean approaches, demanding his drug money. Cassie manages to get rid of him by agreeing to settle the debt by the end of the day.

Abi witnesses the pair's tense exchange and recognises Dean from her past with drug use. Knowing he's bad news, Abi is left questioning what Dean wants from Cassie.

2. Abi catches Cassie red-handed

cassie, abi webster, coronation street

With Dean on her case, Cassie knows she has to come up with the cash — and quickly.

At lunch, she refuses to leave the garage, pretending she's waiting for a customer. When suspicious Abi nips back to check on her, she finds Cassie with her fingers in the petty cash.

As Tyrone and Evelyn arrive on the scene, Cassie begs Abi not to say anything and she reluctantly agrees.

3. Cassie betrays Tyrone

cassie plummer, dean, coronation street

Unaware of his mum's attempted theft, Tyrone agrees to allow Cassie to go into town and pick up Ruby's new boots. He hands her £80, which horrifies Evelyn, as she's sure her daughter will use the money to score again.

Evelyn's fears turn out to be founded, as Cassie meets with Dean on a street corner and makes a purchase from him.

Giving into temptation, Cassie proceeds to pop a few of the pills.

4. Cassie suffers an overdose

abi webster, hope, cassie, tyrone, coronation street

Back on the cobbles, Jack and Ruby's party gets underway while Tyrone anxiously waits for his mum to show up and prove Evelyn wrong.

When Michael lets slip that he saw a bloke roughing up Cassie recently, Abi is forced to spill the beans about Dean and the petty cash incident.

Worried about what might have happened, Tyrone starts searching the streets for Cassie. Hope eventually finds her slumped unconscious on the pavement, having overdosed.

5. Cassie tells a terrible lie

abi, tyrone, cassie plummer, coronation street

Cassie is rushed to the hospital, where the doctors are able to save her. Following her relapse, Abi invites Cassie to join her support group, insisting it's the only way she'll ever get clean.

Cassie asks Tyrone to accompany her to the meeting, and he agrees despite everything she has put him through.

During the session, Cassie lies to the group by making out that Evelyn kicked her out of home, which led to her prostitution and drug addiction. Tyrone's completely taken in by Cassie's tale and declares that he'll have it out with his grandmother.

6. Henry declares his love for Gemma

henry newton, gemma brown, coronation street

With his heart set on winning Gemma back, Henry lures his former flame to a hotel bar on the premise of a business meeting.

Insisting on buying Gemma a drink, Henry comes clean by admitting there's no meeting because he has lost his job.

The bombshells keep dropping as Henry declares his love and begs a gobsmacked Gemma to leave Ches and spend the rest of her life with him.

7. Ronnie makes a confession

ronnie bailey, debbie webster, coronation street

Ronnie tells Debbie he messed up and let slip to Henry about the Waterfords deal when he shouldn't have known about it.

Debbie isn't worried and reveals she deleted the picture of the contract from her phone. But will Ronnie's actions have further repercussions?

8. Ed puts his trust in Ronnie

ronnie, ed bailey , coronation street

Ronnie presents Ed with his own bank card for their business account. Ed accepts it, but he clearly feels uneasy about doing so.

Later on, Ronnie informs his brother he has transferred half the share money into his personal account to ensure Aggie never gets wind of what's going on.

Is Ed making a huge mistake by trusting Ronnie?

9. Lauren lashes out

lauren bolton, coronation street

Max is stuck in a love triangle: He has caught feelings for Sabrina, but his ex-girlfriend Lauren wants to rekindle their relationship.

After lying to Lauren that he'll be in college all day, Max sneaks off to the precinct with Sabrina. Lauren is gutted when she spies them together, and when Sabrina heads off, Gav tells Max to ask her out as it's obvious he fancies her.

Later in Roy's Rolls, Lauren tries to wind Sabrina up by making out she still has a thing with Max, but it's clear where the lad's heart lies.

Stung by Max's rejection, Lauren flies into a rage and trashes the salon.

10. Lauren is arrested

lauren bolton, coronation street

David is annoyed by Max's refusal to attend college and declares he needs to start work as an apprentice hairdresser. But Max is in for a shock when he arrives at the salon and discovers the destruction Lauren has caused.

Lauren owns up to what she did and helps Max clear up the mess. He promises to cover for her, but when David and Maria see the smashed salon mirror, they force the truth out of Max.

Across the cobbles, Lauren apologises to Roy for missing her shift, but they're interrupted when a police officer arrives and arrests Lauren on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

11. Eliza's in distress

eliza woodrow, stu carpenter, coronation street

Eliza is feeling excited at the prospect of going to the cinema with her dad.

Later, the youngster returns home from school in tears and tells Stu she started her period in the middle of her PE class.

Saying that she wanted the ground to swallow her up, embarrassed Eliza declares that she doesn't want to see her dad after all, as Stu comforts her.

12. Aadi feels awkward

darren, aadi alahan, coronation street

Courtney invites Aadi for a steamy afternoon tryst, but he's forced to reject his lover's offer to attend a meeting with Darren and Dev.

As the three men sit down to discuss business, Aadi squirms when Darren grills him about his love life, completely oblivious that he's sleeping with his wife.

13. Daisy warns Jenny against Stephen

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, coronation street

Jenny is the latest Weatherfield woman to have fallen for Stephen's charms. And just days after going public with their relationship, the couple are already planning a holiday together.

Daisy isn't impressed when she learns Jenny is footing the bill for the trip and warns her not to waste her money on a schemer like Stephen.

Will she listen, or has the secret killer got Jenny where he wants her?

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