13 Celebs Who Used Their Own Clothes, Pets, Houses, And More In These TV Shows And Movies

1.First, in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga's wardrobe for Ally was a mix of custom pieces, vintage finds, and items from her own closet IRL. Costume designer Erin Benach revealed that one item in particular from Lady Gaga's personal closet was a multicolored shawl.

Lady Gaga wearing an embellished outfit while recording in a studio, shown in two angles

Erin said, "You know what piece is Stefani Germanotta's? When she's [in the recording studio] and she's got a multicolored shawl on. That was from her closet."

Warner Bros.

2.Da'Vine Joy Randolph said that most of the clothes she wore as Destiny in The Idol were from her own closet. She told NPR, "A lot of times, you know, TV moves fast, and also, because I'm a specialty size, sometimes it was like, 'We don't have time to custom-make this or that.'"

Da'Vine Joy Randolph in two scenes from The Idol

"No problem. I got it in my closet. No problem. I went ahead and bought it. Do you know what I mean?" she added.


3.In All of Us Strangers, director and writer Andrew Haigh used his real childhood home to film the moments when Adam encounters his parents, who died years ago. He explained, "I was rooting [the story] to the idea of a childhood home, and then, as we started trying to work out where to shoot it, I was like, 'Well, why wouldn't I go and shoot it there?'"

Two scenes from All of Us Strangers, with Adam in his childhood home with his parents

4.In Rocky, Rocky's beloved dog, Butkus, was Sylvester Stallone's dog in real life. In fact, when Sylvester was running out of money before selling the screenplay for Rocky, he sold Butkus for $40 to make ends meet. He eventually bought Butkus back for $15,000 and put him in the movie, too.

Two scenes from Rocky with Adrian wearing a white hat and red coat, and Rocky with Butkus the dog

5.In Daisy Jones & the Six, the guitar Daisy Jones uses throughout the show is Riley Keough's real guitar. She told BuzzFeed, "It was my personal guitar, and I wanted to use it in the show."

Daisy Jones playing guitar and singing into a microphone onstage

6.In Twilight, costume designer Wendy Chuck said that director Catherine Hardwicke's personal style influenced the movie's wardrobe quite a bit. So much so that some of her personal looks were included in the movie, whether they were directly from her closet or copies made by the costume team.

Bella stands beside Edward in the Cullen’s kitchen where other family members prepare food

7.In Notting Hill, after reportedly disliking the costume that was picked out for her character, Anna, in the famous "just a girl" scene, Julia Roberts had her driver pick up a bunch of clothing from her own closet to wear instead. She recalled, "I said, 'Go into my bedroom and grab this, this, and this out of my closet.' And it was my own flip-flops and my cute little blue velvet skirt and a T-shirt and my cardigan."

Julia Roberts's character in a blue outfit smiling and saying "And don't forget I'm— I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"

8.In High Society, Grace Kelly's character, Tracy, notably wears a massive engagement ring, which is even commented on in the film. In reality, the massive 10.48-carat ring was her real engagement ring from Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Grace Kelly in an elegant dress and pearls, with Bing Crosby commenting on her ring to another man in a suit, in a scene on top and is reclining with jewelry on the bottom

9.In All Too Well: The Short Film, when Sadie Sink walks through a house wearing the infamous red scarf, many fans speculated that parts of the short film were filmed in Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's home. The stained glass window seen in Taylor Swift's film was also seen in an Instagram post from Blake.

Sadie Sink in the All Too Well Short Film walking and hanging up a red scarf on a banister

10.In Lost in Translation, Scarlett Johansson revealed that some of the clothes she wore while playing Charlotte were from director and writer Sofia Coppola's closet. Scarlett said Charlotte's style in the movie was influenced by Sofia's in real life.

Two scenes featuring Charlotte from "Lost in Translation": Charlotte in an arcade and Charlotte on a bed with a book and wearing headphones

11.In The Princess Diaries, four different cats played Mia's adorable Fat Louie, with one of them reportedly belonging to Anne Hathaway IRL.

Top: Mia from The Princess Diaries holds her cat Fat Louie; bottom: A hand pets Fat Louie on a bed

12.In Bewitched, because of the TV show's reported lack of budget for costumes, Elizabeth Montgomery used a lot of her own clothing for her character, Samantha, to wear onscreen. In 1968, Elizabeth revealed that she had been wearing a lot of her real-life clothing on the show for years.

Two scenes featuring Elizabeth  as Samantha Stephens, wearing different outfits

13.And finally, Cary Grant notably wore his own suits in most of his movies, including The Philadelphia Story and To Catch a Thief. He reportedly revealed to GQ that "all men paid for their own wardrobes" at one point, so he often purchased multiple versions of the same suit to wear in films.

Cary Grant wearing a suit in Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn

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