Here's What 11 Celebs Said About The Idea Of Joining "The Real Housewives," And Not Everyone Is Up For It

1.While attending a gala for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Vanderpump's dog foundation in May, Paula Abdul was asked if she'd "reconsider" joining the show after previously claiming she'd been asked to. "I've been humbled, and I got a kick out of it that I was ever even asked. However, I like to be the one on the couch with the popcorn watching with my dogs," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Paula Abdul and Lisa Vanderpump
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2.Sarah Michelle Gellar told Etalk in January that she'd "never say never" to appearing on RHOBH as one of Crystal Kung Minkoff's friends. "I think I would break the fourth wall. I don't think I would know how to do that," she said. "Like, I don't know how to do reality television. I'd, like, talk to the camera. I'd be so confused."

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Crystal Kung Minkoff
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3.Julia Fox, who is friends with Real Housewives of New York alum Leah McSweeney, appeared on Watch What Happens Live in January where she was asked about the possibility of joining the RHONY reboot, which had yet to air at the time. "It's a tough question because I don't know what the new girls are giving so I kind of have to just feel it out a little bit," she said at the time. "If I think we can vibe, then ya definitely. Why not?"

Leah McSweeney and Julia Fox
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4.Tia Mowry starred on the Netflix sitcom Family Reunion from 2019 to 2022, where Real Housewives of Atlanta legend Kenya Moore appeared in two episodes. While promoting the series on E!'s then-entertainment news show Daily Pop in 2020, Tia reportedly said of the possibility of appearing on ROHA, "[Kenya] told me some stories, you know, behind the scenes, and I'm scared. I'm scared to be on her show... It's intense!"

Tia Mowry
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5.While appearing on the LadyGang podcast in June with her husband Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas revealed she was asked to join Real Housewives of New Jersey. "I think I would die in it," she said. "I think they would kill me." However, Kevin argued that Danielle "could hold her own" on the show.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas
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6.Though Kris Jenner has occasionally appeared on RHOBH over the years, she told Ellen DeGeneres in 2020 that the talk show host was "absolutely right" to think she wouldn't join the cast. "I would do it just to go on once in awhile and be with my friend Kyle Richards. But as a far as me doing a show like that regularly, there's just too much going on in my life," she said. "And they do not need a Kris Jenner on that show. They are doing just fine."

Kris Jenner and Kyle Richards
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7.While appearing on Watch What Happens Live in June, Rebecca Romijn played an agree-or-disagree game to a variety of statements. She held up the "disagree" sign in response to Andy Cohen's statement that "Rebecca Romijn would make an amazing Beverly Hills housewife."

Rebecca Romijn
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8.Though a fan of the series RHOBH, Chrissy Teigen told Andy Cohen in May while appearing on Watch What Happens Live that she doesn't see herself joining the cast. "I love everything about it. Obviously, I love watching the show. I don't think fans of the show are necessarily good on it because we know too much," she said. "They come in, and it seems like they're too fangirly, so I don't really think it's a good idea for me. Also, it doesn't seem like it, but I don't like fighting. I really don't. I would cry a lot."

Closeup of Chrissy Teigen
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9.Meghan Markle had Andy Cohen on her Archetypes podcast in 2022, and at one point, she jokingly asked if the interview was her "audition" for a version of Real Housewives set in the town of Montecito, California. In response, Andy said she wouldn't need to audition but would have a show built around her. However, Meghan maintained "there will be no reality show."

Closeup of Meghan Markle
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10.Tori Spelling, while appearing alongside her fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Jennie Garth, said on Jenny McCarthy's radio show in 2019 that she's "never" been asked to be a Housewife. "It actually makes me really sad," she said at the time. "Well, I was born in Beverly Hills, so I have one thing going for me. I'm married with a lot of kids, [and] drama follows me everywhere. They've never asked me." Earlier this year, Tori and her husband Dean McDermott reportedly separated.

Tori Spelling
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11.And finally, in the same interview, Jennie Garth claimed she'd been asked to join the show but noted "that's not my jam."

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth
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