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10-year-old has no idea how to open a CD, and it’s making TikTok feel very, very old

A mom on TikTok has shared a hilarious clip of her 10-year-old trying (and ultimately failing) to open one of her old CDs — and it is truly a sight to behold.

The footage was shared by TikToker “ELS” (@elspa570), who starts the video by saying she recently handed her daughter an old “Now That’s What I Call Music!” CD, a series made popular during the ’90s and early ’00s. But being that her daughter is only 10 and was born after the heyday of CDs, the mere sight of one is apparently quite foreign.

“I immediately took it away from her because of what ensued, because I thought, ‘This has to be shared with TikTok,'” the mother says in the video. “So I’m gonna hand it back to her so you all can see that the struggle is real.”

In the clip, the mom hands the CD case back to her daughter, and it only serves to confuse her some more. As the young girl turns the CD over and over in her hands, attempting to open it any way she can, she expresses her dismay.

“What is it?” she asks her mom tentatively. “What do I do with it?”

“Open it!” her mother urges.

But figuring out how that strange little plastic square actually opens becomes something of a struggle for the young girl. In some ways, it’s as if her mom had handed her a Rubik’s Cube for the first time.

The clip goes on for nearly a minute as the 10-year-old tries valiantly to get inside the package. But unfortunately, the video ends before she actually succeeds, and it’s clear that her mom is both amused and horrified by the whole thing.

Apparently, so were a lot of other people on TikTok, who instantly felt about a million years old after watching it.

“This hurt me to watch,” one person confessed. “actually hurt.”

“Why these kids making us feel so old,” another person asked.

“I tried to explain live tv channels and commercials to my daughter and she was cracking up in total disbelief,” one parent shared.

The TikTok post is somewhat reminiscent of several others that have gone viral for highlighting random ways younger generations are growing up differently. Most recently, there was the 9-year-old who thought they “invented” the landline and the girl who pretended to talk on the phone in a way that had Millennials weeping.

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