The best gift ideas to show your mum some love this Mother's Day

a bouquet of flowers and an eyemask
Top Mother's Day gift ideas for all tastesBloom & Wild / Not Another Bill

As Mother's Day approaches on 10th March 2024, we've rounded up the best gift ideas, for whatever your loved one is interested in. Whether they're into jewellery or flowers, coffee or luxury, we've got the perfect gift suggestions. You're welcome.

Our mums deserve the world, but we can't really afford the whole planet. So with that in mind we've made sure to include gifts that won't break the bank but still show your parent how much they mean to you.

Something to make their space smell nice is a great idea, or there's always same-day delivery flowers if you're the forgetful type. Otherwise, here are our favourite Mother's Day gift ideas.

Best mother's day gift ideas

A magazine subscription

Whether she's into Good Housekeeping or Red, Women's Health or Prima; treat your mum to a 12-month magazine subscription this Mother's Day to keep her busy all year round.


Something foodie

Because who doesn't love chocolatey or hot drink-related goodies? Alternatively, if you're really going for it, bake her something gooey and delicious like one of these indulgent dessert recipes to pop in the post.

Or if you're not exactly Paul Hollywood in the baking department (same), why not send a real treat that you haven't had to prepare yourself? That might mean a luxury ingredient box or some fancy snacks, or even a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, if you're really looking to earn some points and they're a huge hot drink fan.

A bouquet of flowers

Real talk: flowers will never not be a welcome gift on any occasion – so remind your loved one how much you love them with a surprise pop of colour on Mother's Day. It's a gift giving option with minimal effort, as well. With so many companies keen to do the leg work for you, all you have to do is jump online and fill in some details, and voila! Flowers straight to her door, or even through the letterbox!

Something personalised

Nothing quite says 'I've had this planned for ages and I'm really organised' like something personalised – even if you leave it to the last minute, loads of websites will still make and deliver things before the big day.

Nice candles

OK OK so it's a bit of a cliché Mother's Day idea, but a candle, bath set or any aromatherapy oils will always go down a treat – namely because there's nothing better than a relaxing soak with a laptop screening Netflix precariously balanced on the toilet. True? True.

A bottle of something nice

Because there's nothing wrong with gifting her a present you can enjoy too, right?

Whether that's a bottle of champagne, vodka, gin or otherwise, a boozy Mother's Day treat is almost definitely encouraged in our books.

Her favourite perfume

This is more about showing you pay attention than anything, because by choosing the RIGHT perfume - aka the one your mum's been wearing every day for the past eight years - you not only give her something she wants and will use, but prove you take notice of her.

Either that, or buy her a fancy new one in a beautiful bottle for her to experiment with and she'll surely be equally as chuffed.


Another gift idea for Mother's Day is treating her to some skincare bits and bobs – whether that means a night cream, eye serum or makeup melting mask – that she wouldn't usually buy herself.

Whilst this can be a bit spenny, a great present is about giving someone something they wouldn't treat themselves to, and the smiles you'll get in return will be a gift in itself.

Something charitable

This is a great opportunity to do some good on her behalf and make a charitable move, and it's a great way to do something she'll appreciate if you can't think of a physical object that fits the bill.

Alsoo, you can bet that good karma will come back to you in spades.

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